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This week hasn’t been too good for our team, driven by the desire to cut costs and perform better given our slight relative/constant growth performance in the last couple of rollovers, we decided to fine tune our business in any way possible. At this time I guess our team become more comfortable of the stable position that we are in. I was also given the privilege to kinda be CEO for last week and this week and overlook everything. Last week went through smoothly with no mishaps, which I’m proud to say; this week on the other hand didn’t go too well and I feel bad about it because well most of the decisions were made by me, and I guess I kinda persuaded my team mates into making these decisions.

Given our stable performance from last week which I was happy with, I spent my last weekend flicking through reports with the goal of cutting major costs of our business. I stumbled around a factor which was quite heavy, so I assumed that this was a major reason behind our expenses. Therefore, in this rollover, I decreased that factor dramatically which I think led to the outcome that we have this week. Relating to this week’s readings, I can truly feel how I wasn’t conceptually grounded as a CEO. I have always succeed in my role, which I would say that I had high levels of Technical skill. My Human Skill wasn’t too shabby either as I worked well with my peers in other roles, offering them support and advice when we make our decisions. For the majority, most of these advice and support worked. However, since I kinda took on the CEO role from last week; I kinda felt relief that the last rollover went well by luck and I can truly see that I’m haven’t been conceptually grounded. I failed to see the bigger picture of how that one change in that single area would have a huge impact on our firm’s performance. This really ties back to how the reading says that the Conceptual skill is quite important for executives.

Still, given our team’s poor performance, I won’t let depression get to me. The game is far from over and I will continue to learn and refine my skill. I think a fall is an amazing opportunity for you to get back up much better than before. My steps from here would be to most likely hand the CEO position back to the actual CEO, help refine our team’s strategy and share my insight from what I have learnt. It is too easy to focus on the short term (the smaller picture) rather than the bigger one.


Katz, R. L. (1955). Skills of an effective administrator. Harvard Business Review, 33(1), 33--42.

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  1. This is a good journal and you have all the relevant information in here, however you would benefit from strictly following daudelins structure and using his headings. You should endeavour to clearly state your prime with the heading and then clearly analyse the roots if this problem. You have done this in here but it isn't structured correctly and hard to know when each section starts and finishes. You have concluded it well with what you have done and what you plan to to to solve your issue so good work. Good luck for next rollovers (smile)