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We are ecstatic with the results of our last rollover, especially because we have all worked so hard to get to where we are at the moment, and as a team it has really taught us a lot, in terms of Mikes Bikes, working as a team and this course in general. My team’s hard work has finally paid off and we are doing so much better now which I am so thankful for. Coming into this week I feel like our one major concern was what our parent company planned on doing with us, especially because this was a hostile takeover as we were unaware they wanted to do this. We were concerned with if they planned to just take all our money and then sell us or be willing to work together as a team to help each other, we were unsure of what to do and how to approach things. Lucky as a team we agreed upon what to say when we meet up with them and after a little chat with Peter we were happy with the things we wanted to bring up, we met up with our parent company and laid everything out in the air and decided to work together as it was beneficial for both our companies.

Christensen (2010) mentioned in his Intel example that it isn't beneficial to anyone if the solutions to a problem are just handed to you, whereas it is much more beneficial when there is a teaching process so everyone can come to their own solution. Which I believe is very true, especially in relation to MikesBike. My team and I learnt so much when we were at our low point and when we contacted SmartSims, though they helped a substantial amount, they didn't spoon feed us but allowed us to understand our situation and find our own solution, and because of it I feel like we understand MikesBike a lot more. Christensen also mentions that the proper allocation of resources into things matter, which I find we have now finally been able to do (thanks to our marketing manager), especially in terms of allocating money into advertising and PR, we have now been able to get our marketing mix right.

Greiner (1972) mentions that the first phases of growth is growth through creativity, which I believe is very true especially in MikesBike and at the beginning of the semester when my team decided to be creative by trying different things out and playing around during the practise rollovers to see what would happen and what we should avoid doing. I feel that as a team we did struggle phase 3 when it came to the growth of delegation, but we managed to work together to figure out and delegate our proper roles to every member within the team. Skipping a few phases a head the last one I want to talk about is phase 5, the growth of collaboration, which I feel really applies to my team now, especially because we have been taken over and we are having to collaborate and work together to maximise our market to ensure we aren't competing with each other, and after this week I feel like we have improved on this a lot in terms of working together, especially in comparison to last week where we were very cautious about how what of our knowledge we should share.

Coming to the end of this journal I can’t believe that it’s already our last learning journal of the semester. I truly feel like I have learnt a lot in this course that I didn't think I would at the beginning of the semester which has shocked me. I’m actually very happy I took this course and I am very grateful for how well my team and I got along during this whole MikesBike process, and fingers crossed we continue to do well with this double rollover.


Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.


  1. Again, a very strong and well structured journal. You have continuously demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the readings and how they have related to your experiences during last week as well as the semester overall. You have clearly stated a key point at the beginning of each paragraph and then gone on to explain what that means to you and your team. I believe that by setting out your journals as so, will enable future readers a clear understanding of what you are trying to express. Overall great journal, i’m sure you will do great in the summative journal. All the best for the rest of the course (smile)



  2. Sophie, if there is a weakness here it is that I find it hard to untangle your learning from the teams ... and it is your learning that really matters here.

    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in your summative learning journal.