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This week was a very challenging week for me, especially with the MikeBikes simulations and reaching the threshold of $25. I was only able to download MikesBikes at the beginning of the second week and because of this I only had a short period of time to get used to the programme, which resulted in a long struggle to reach the $25 threshold. Been given only a week to familiarize myself with the simulation it was not enough time for me to reach the deadline that was given. Not only myself, but plenty of other students (study group) were also struggling which made me feel even less confident in myself and about the course. Like many others in this course, I considered dropping this paper.

Coming from a background of Sociology, I had no expectations on the simulations as I haven’t had any experiences in this field before. From the first rollover, I struggled to get an increase in my shareholder value. I thought I was the only one that was struggling as I heard in the lecture that some people reached over $50. But later found out that others were struggling as well. As I found the simulations very difficult, I had to sacrifice my study time for my other papers in order to focus on and stay on top of the workload for Management 300. After many attempts of rolling over, rolling back and restoring the whole simulation, I finally reached a total of $31! I found this task very challenging as I thought we weren’t given enough time to reach the $25. My inexperience in the field of running a business didn’t help as well.

I am grateful/lucky that I reached $31 but then I was confronted by another task of the formation of teams. I initially thought that I would be put into a group that would not be good at the simulations. But after meeting the group members for the first time, I realized that we would be a good and effective team. As we discussed our strengths and our abilities that we could bring to the team (Katzenbach & Smith, 1922). We also had that same goal of becoming a successful business and a mutual agreement on the level of commitment that we would all bring to the team (Katzenbach & Smith, 1922).  


Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matter. McKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3—27



  1. Good journal this week. I found that what you wrote in your journal was somewhat similar to how I felt this week as well. I was also able to follow through and understand how your experience of this week was, due to your clear and concise writing style. I also downloaded MikesBikes the week our CV was due which didn't make it any easier at all. I could also relate to the part where you said you were sacrificing the time you could have spent on other papers towards trying to understand MikesBikes. In terms of giving you feedback with what you could improve on, it would be: incorporating more theory from the weeks readings into your journal. E.g. further expanding on the idea of goal diversity and how your group isn't faced with this problem, therefore what other possible factors of conflict could arise? If there are any, then how could you and your a team combat them in order to make sure that you all reach your full potential within MGMT 300. Since it's only week two, I'm sure just like the rest of the class you're still getting a handle of things. Good luck, and all the best with your future journals. 

  2. I really enjoyed reading your entry. It was very descriptive in terms of exemplifying how you felt in terms of using MikesBikes. After all the dread, you did a very good job reaching $31, I congratulate you!. 

    In terms of the readings, I think you could have referred more. However, great analysis on the key points that you did mention.

    I advice you to relax, and take Managment 300 as a new experience. It may seems difficult and scary, but I asure you that at the end of the semester you will be full of useful business knowledge, and more importantly more confident about yourself. Cheer up, and good luck. Good journal.