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This week has been centered around the impending moment of team allocations. From experience, I feel it is just as likely that you may be placed in a team of great people wanting to do well as being placed in a team with freeloaders.  This is the reason why most people, myself included, are filled with dread and anxiety at the sound of 'teamwork'.  In addition, teams were to be allocated by the results of a brief questionnaire. how could each individual possibly be judged by a mini cv into effective teams?

In regards to this issue, the week's readings gave me hope.  When choosing teams, often students may go with friends.  This increases the chance of meetings being used for socialization rather than effective study.  Through fair allocation of teams, there should be a variety of skill sets and diverse thinking.  Effective teams are not formed instantly, this takes time (Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I., 2004).  There must be collective goals in order for each team member to be motivated and to an extent avoid conflict. From this perspective, I agree with the method in which team were allocated through their goal.  My team is a mix of grades-oriented and learning.  We share the goal of doing well in the course, not necessarily socializing and definitely not doing the bare minimum to pass.

At our first meeting as a team, it definitely seems as though we are just a group and have a long way to go to become an effective team.  This could possibly be due to the fact that we are all introverted, maybe something overlooked by the team formation guys? Nevertheless, i do feel content with my group and am sure we are capable of working effectively through this semester.


Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teams. Journal of student centered learning, 2(1), 9--34.


  1. It's great how you started off reflecting on your own experience with teams, this was a really good way to go back and analyse what you thought about teams before we learnt more this week about what an effective team really is. It was good how you chose relevant text from the readings to support your journal but perhaps you could draw on a few more ideas from the reading to analyse your understanding deeper. For example I think you could develop another paragraph about how you hope to make your team an effective team through things such as a team agreement or what all your expectations are. But good overall reflection of this week (smile)

  2. Overall i think this was a well written journal that was straight to the point. I agree with what you have written about for a team to be successful the teams goals must all have the same orientation, this was a big aspect of learning for me this week also. I felt as though you used the readings to back up what you were saying well, but this is an aspect that could be improved, by going the extra step and saying how your team could become effective and just taking the level of thinking to the next level. Overall the reflection was very to the point, and you got across what you were trying to say clearly. Well done!