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Heading into the last week of the simulation its a bit of a bitter sweet feeling. Although my groups performance hasn’t been great the learning experience has been impressive. I lowkey hated this course during the middle of it but I have come to love it and will be sad to see the end. Anyway..


Articulation of Problem


In last weeks rollover our team was fortunate enough to come out with a profit for the first time in a while. However, we were still faced with the challange of having very limited funds to fully get us out of a tough postition. With this in mind we really knew we had to be strategic with how we allocated our money. Moreover, we were faced with the issue of one of our adventurer bikes being far off the centre for the perceptual map and really needing attention to assist it. For this week our two most prominent problems were our decision making and communcation.


Analysis of the problem


We approached this week with caution as we knew that this week was our last chance to make real decisions to influence our place in the simulation. Our team met prepared minus one member as she had some personal matters to tend to. However, once we started the discussion was slow and hard to get moving. After a while we started off by analysing as a group the decisions we made last week and how we could improve from there. We noticed we didn’t sell many bikes and as wek discussed the conversation become more engaging with involvement from everyone. Nevertheless, when we moved on to the decisions for this week we were left a bit direction less as we were limited by our cash in the bank and didn’t have much wiggle room. Analysing the situation we had yesterday it dawns upon me that were still lacking confidence in making decisions. We have worked together over numerous weeks on this simulation but we still face the same problem of lacking confidence to make decisions. Furthermore, when in the situation where we are individually stuck with what to decided our team loses our ability to freely communicate our thoughs and the courage to ask for help. Maybe it’s factors of introversion or shyness hindering our abilities to ask for help and communicate, nevertheless it has impacted our capacity to make decisions.


Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem


Every week we seem to face the same problem of making confident decisions and communicate safely. I believe that this might stem from how our group didn’t start off the sem with and comfortable environment to safely discuss our thoughts and decisions. Greiner (1989) argues that effective manages embed foundational practices to become the basis of how we operate. Based on this I feel like we haven’t always had this foundation of an open platform to discuss and communicate decisions, thus hindering our ability to productively deliberate and come to an agreement.




Unfortunatly, this is our last week of the simulation so we can’t really drastically change how we operate as a group. But we can however make small changes which should propel our discussions and hopefully help all of us in the future when faced with the same situation.


Greiner, L. E. (1989). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. In Readings in strategic management (pp. 373-387). Palgrave, London.


  1. Hi Tama,

    You have used Daudelin's four-step reflection process to significant effect in analysing and explaining your problem. You define your company position well, and you have used the readings to back up your theory.

    The other side of your four-step process, the action phase, is lacking, however. While it is true that there is little you can do due to the timing constraints, the small changes you intend to enact could have been expanded on to cover how they would help you and your group in future situations that are similar.


  2. Hey Tama,

    sorry for the late review,

    I think its good that you've clearly shown what you've taken away from this course so you can write about it in your summative. I agree with everything you've said I also think that may have been your groups biggest weakness but its good that you figured it out and know how to move foward and can take something away from it I think it'll be a solid topic to unpack even further and write about in your summative.

    Good Luck,