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Terms of referenceBrief

Char: Kenneth Husted

Other members: Deputy HodS, Taskforce chairs, Peter Smith

Background/ ObjectivesThe review panel pointed out that the focus on programme development in the last couple of years has impacted 'MIB's capacity to look ahead and reflect in broad terms about what it aspires to achieve as a department. Among the key findings of this review is the need to develop a more proactive approach to the Department's identity building and strategic planning".
Review action areas1, 12

We envision a three-step process that is in line with the guiding comments from the panel. The first is to establish a vision for the department addressing the questions "Who do we want to be". Having decided where the department aspires to be positioned, we need to identify a small group of benchmark departments internationally to which we would like to be compared. Those two steps completed, we can then set about developing a strategic plan to realise those aspirations. The work of the task force should:

    • Be aligned with the strategy, goals, and opportunities with the Business School and the University of Auckland.
    • Engage the wider department in open-minded explorative discussions.
    • Prepare for appropriate consultation(s0 which can lead to decisions about MIB's position and strategy for the next 5–10 years.
OutcomesProposal for a five-year strategy that addresses both teaching and research, as well as the implementation plan.
  • Amended and agreed brief for the taskforce – 2018-03-15
  • A vision for the department – 2018-09-01
  • Identify benchmarking departments – 2018, end of semester 2
  • Complete strategic plan – 2019, end of semester 1
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