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I feel my main problem this week is my group performance in MikesBikes this week (year); acknowledging that this is a group issue rather than specific to me I will still aim to focus on my personal reflection of it. Ultimately our team performed badly this week in terms of sales and SHV, Specifically this is due to a pretty poor new product launch and minimal improvement from last year, particularly as our initial strategy of high quality has really not worked for us.

Ignoring the new product (as this is not so much my area in the team), our 2 existing bikes both failed to sky rocket in sales numbers or cash profits. Perhaps our customers read Peters blog about the poor quality levels in India?..

No, but after making some fairly big mistakes in Year 1 by now I hoped our team strategy would be successful in at least one niche. My team learnt from last week to take more responsibility in questioning and checking others decisions which was a good lesson to learn but now our problem is not in making decisions on poor information but instead being too short term focused, in my opinion. To me this links to Argyris' (1991) point that we don't accept 'losing' at all, to the extent that we don't want to risk SHV for one year by issuing shares to buy more advertising etc. If we accept that its ok to be behind in SHV in every year as long as the closing SHV is highest. This limits our ability to experiment and be creative as we can't risk a bad year, despite all the theory evident on making mistakes being the key to evetual success. Its quite hard to define exact problem areas I believe as the team performance is not neccessarily bad in any one area but more a culture issue affecting all decisions. To me this represents the idea of 'evolution or revolution' as we try to slowly improve sales each year and tighten up our operations/ HR costs; perhaps instead it could be more effective to recognise which products are not being successful any more and completely change our strategy there.

So most importantly- what actionable changes can we make? Argyris claims that change best starts with high execs i.e. a top down process, which makes sense. However, I believe our team needs to come to the realisation that our current conservative strategy is certainly not the only option. I find my best course of action is to do my due diligence of such new disruptive strategies and then propose this based on data rather than a rhetoric of slight change. Otherwise my option is to obey my CEO as best possible and have faith in that strategy..



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4--15


  1. Hey Matt! (smile)

    Interesting Learning Journal, its interesting to see what other team members reasons were for why they thought we failed this week. We all seem to have different reasons! Overall you have some really strong arguments and have developed good analysis and reflection of the issue this week. I appreciate that you have followed Daudelin but I wasn't entirely sure on each "Stage" of Daudelin. I can see you have identified the problem, then under the analysis this is where your writing is the strongest, but then your hypothesis or potential solutions to the problem needs more development. Finally you should have a paragraph on the solution you have chosen and how you are going to improve for next week as I think this was caught up in the possible solutions. However, overally really great points and analysis just needs a little further development in the final stages of Daudelin's approach.

    It's so weird reviewing other team mates work (smile) Hope this helps, just ask me if you want me to clarify anything for you, See you next week!

  2. Hey Matt this is an awesome journal it shows you have really thought about the team situation and applied the knowledge well. I agree and also like the insight you provided into that potentially our strategy is too conservative. To improve and strengthen your journal even more provide an idea as to how we can change this e.g I think we can capture more of the market and that consumer surplus by potentially increasing quality etc but also price and advertising targeting high end customers. Cheers.