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The goal we had this week was to increase our sales which we thought would increase our SHV. Unfortunately, the increase in sales that we achieved did not lead to a better SHV. We did not have the capacity to meet demand and our profits went down. Each week I try to question how the team and I operate in the hopes that we can get a better SHV, but it doesn’t seem to work out that way. Our team hasn’t been able to increase our SHV and we don’t have many rollovers left. On the bright side, for once we have been able to achieve better sales. Knowing how much risk we can afford has always been a problem for us but at least I think we have a better idea of what works. The problem we faced last rollover seems to be an easy one to fix, so if my team and I can make those changes, I believe we will be able to learn from our experiences.

Thinking about this weeks readings, it would seem that they would suggest going through the team and decisions with a fine tooth comb to try and improve our performance. After having attempted to take a ‘balcony view’ over the last week and see the bigger picture, it seems odd to take a completely different view this week. However, considering our team had trouble with spending, perhaps this is something that I should have done last week. Until now it seemed that as the CEO I should be looking at the big picture and making sure that the team is working well and focusing on the right things. Working closer with them individually and going through all of our decisions may have been a better idea. When it came to marketing, for example, the amounts I put in were too high considering our capacity.  I should have instead worked closer with the Marketing Manager to make sure each amount was based on reason. It was difficult to do that this week due to a lack of time, but if we wish to succeed in this, I will have to find the time.


  1. Hey Takumi,

    In regards to your week four journal feedback that I gave, I'm still concerned that you haven't proposed your plan of action. You seem to have retrospectively thought that talking individually with your managers would have been a good plan but didn't explicitly describe your plan of action. I'm concerned that without emphasising how to fix the problem you cannot reflect on how you did with the changes you made in your summative journal.

    Otherwise a more explicit use of Daudelin would have made the stages clearer for me but I may have just been staring at a screen for too long. Just take care to try and check that each section is well elaborated on and you can get closer to reaching upper levels of Bloom's taxonomy.

    Good luck, you write well and I hope you can take it to the next level for your summative journal.

  2. Hey Takumi,

    I am unsure as to whether or not you have used the theory to back up or intertwine with your thoughts this rollover as you have not referenced any sources. I would like to have seen you further explain and explore why you believe this week you will do better, maybe backed up by a theory or some plans, as you stated your plans each week have not lead you to the outcome you desired.

    My team also had troubles with spending, we had the highest sales revenue but ended up with a major cash deficit. I think it is a great idea you have decided to work closer with the marketing manager to try and resolve this issue.

    In week 4, the feedback I gave you said that your writing was structured with logically and very insightful, however that you could improve on your formality as well as use more relevant theory to back up your thought process and ideas to help the reader better understand why you made particular decisions. I feel that this is still the case in this weeks reflection.

    All in all, another good summative journal. I wish you all the best with your next rollover!