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If I thought last week was bad, this week felt ten times worse and I can only be completely honest. Last weeks idea of improving end group collaboration never came to fruit, perhaps to the demise of our fall this week. I had a sneaking suspicion that the shareholder value and company performance would plummet, as again I found myself in a position where I wasn’t across what was happening in the whole group and I felt we were spending way to much money. For example I need to understand the decisions of R&D and Manufacturing so I know how much to spend on Marketing. The weird thing is in our world there is no clear leader and we all seem to plummet shareholder values together, as to why this happens I’m not sure. I feel there is no strategy and as if there is competition in too many markets. Overall this has lead to the issue this week of what I feel is a lack of cohesion in the group, which previously I felt we were really good at working together.

The downfall of the team this week has left me somewhat deflated and almost on the verge of not caring about my role of Marketing or Mikes Bikes’ in general. So why did this happen? Can my thinking be changed? Kolb and Fry (1975) as stated in (Davies & Easterby-Smith, 1984) talk about ‘learning’ as the process of specific interactions with the environment, and ‘development’ as the stages reached in the ability to learn. I feel I am definitely learning a lot from working in a ‘fake’ business and industry, for example how to allocate spending and what it is really like to compete against other businesses. But it is the stage of ‘development’ where I question my level of development. I feel like I have learnt a lot as the weeks go on with Mikes Bikes’ but my ‘development’ stage of learning is confused by the complete change in my thinking every week. Every week something is different, and nothing ever pans out the way it is supposed to. I have received no training for Mike’s Bikes so there is no real sense of ‘development’ but I am able to point out experiences I have ‘learnt’ a lot from the simulation (Davies & Easterby-Smith, 1984). This somewhat related to my own experience in a job where I received extensive training and I felt I had not developed to a higher level, but rather learnt lots of useful information that I could apply to my job. It was up to me as to whether I decided to use this training in the work I was doing. It is these kinds of experiences that leave me asking myself what can I do to help my team?

If there is to be any real success in the last few weeks to come, some immediate action needs to be taken. The team needs to be proactive to our decisions instead of reactive. There is no strategy in place that shows how we are to proactively respond to changes in the market, instead I find ourselves trying to react and change to the organizational environment. I think the strategy needs to be better tailored to the decisions that have already been made. Also a complete reevaluation needs to be considered; there is no cohesion or sense of direction. Perhaps speaking to the CEO about developing a forward moving plan to the future on how we can come proactive instead of reactive would be a good idea. Overall for me it would be nice to see some collaboration and directional goal setting. I like my team, but the direction and passion to win is now somewhat lacking. Maybe some sweet lolly treat incentives are required (wink)

This week has been tough and each week, weirdly from a bike simulation game, I feel I really am learning more about the true realities of business. This week I am going to actively encourage myself to bring up team morale and suggest we plan out our final weeks and stick to it. I would really love to be the somewhat ‘underdogs’ and pull back from our collapse, turning our negative experience into a positive experience. A strong strategy needs to be developed and we need to ask ourselves how are we going to take the market? Moving forward, I think I need to forget about past weeks and really look forward to how we can successfully develop in the last few rollovers. I think if we sit down and really discuss how things are going to pan out over the next few weeks we will have better success, but in saying that nothing in business is ever as it seems! There must be a way to win this, somehow!?



Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiences. Journal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Hi Rachel, your journal is well written and easy to read. The way your presentation is well reflective and shows you have used the two reflective model template. You have clearly indicated what the problem is and possible solution to solve it. I wish you all the best (smile) and good work on your journal. 

  2. It appears you have touched briefly on each of Daudelin's stages in the reflection process, as you have outlined your problem, analysed that problem and thought about ways to overcome your over expenditure. However I feel like you could have looked a little deeper into the formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem. This journal suggests that your team never really formulated a strategy that you would try to stick to throughout MikesBikes. I would suggest as a group you try to do this as soon as possible, and my team found it useful setting guidelines of who would be in charge of what decision, yet still allowing the final decision to be in consensus of the team. Good luck for the rest of the course and I hope my feedback was useful (smile)