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This week was very tense in our company…

This week I would like to reflect on our interactions within our own company, not so much to do with decision making, but more so to do with how to ensure that our company takes the correct next steps forward, and what kind of interactions will be the moist positive for this.

This is due to the nature of the takeover that was done by our new parent company.

We as a team discussed our options, before being approached by say team about how they wished to collaborate with us.

They had their ideas that they wanted us to go along with…

This week I personally learned a lot about working with others, both in my team and out of it… And reflecting on what I learned, I can see points in which my communication techniques and my liasing could be more effective and efficient. In approaching the problem of this week, which is somewhat the takeover? But this is more the symptom of the problem, the underlying problem is effective communication to ensure mistakes like that do not happen again. I have put serious thought into what our team should do strategically from the position we are in at the moment. Can we still try and win the game? Do we do exactly what our parent company asks of us to enable them to get the higher SHV and trust that they will do well for us as a whole? Or do we need to still focus heavily internally… With the mistrust that our parent company may not have a good rollover and we will have to make up for their lost ground? So we will need to have a good roll-over to ensure that our company does well and our Shareholders are happy.

I think the answer is it’s better to be safe than sorry, with low trust yet in our parent company yet as we don’t know them, haven’t worked with them before and cannot be sure that their decisions will keep their company trending upwards.

By entrenching ourselves in our continual business plan and overall company strategy that we established at company birth, we will allow ourselves the best chance as a child company, with uncertain environmental circumstances regarding our parent company who have now and are now making some pretty risky, potentially dangerous decisions in order to save their company from the bad week which they suffered last week… They don’t need to be making these risky decisions, as we have the ability to, and are making up for their loss of SHV with good internal decisions resulting in increasing SHV. If we continue our upward trends, I reflect that we need to maintain positive interaction with our parent company, but we should not allow them to guide us too heavily, as their input to our decisions may be costly if we do not look over our own manufacturing and marketing decisions ourselves.


  1. Hi Cameron,

    I like how you took many aspects of your identified problem into consideration in your journal and how you reflected on many issues and potential outcomes. I might be wrong, but the way I perceived it, you yourself were also struggling a little bit to specify what exactly was your "problem", as you seem to be in quite a complex situation given that you are not sure you trust your parent company and that you think you might have problems of communicating within your team too. However towards the end you do seem to arrive to having an action plan of what you think you and your team should do which is great; it makes your reflection process a bit more clear. I think what could help make it even more clear would be if you would follow Daudelin's structure as I often wasn't always exactly sure where you were in the reflection process. All in all I thought this was a good journal and I wish you and your team success in the next rounds!

  2. Hi Cameron, 

    I agree with Regina, I think you should just jump straight into what the problem was this week in the first line and make it clear, e.g. this week the problem I was looking at was that effective communication wasn't up to where it should be. 

    I like how you finished your journal here as it gave a good action plan to what you will do next week (take some guidance but overall make your own decisions on marketing and operations)