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It has been quite an interesting week getting back into the flow of uni work and remembering what has happened in the world of Mikebikes. This took our team some time as we got back into the process of making decisions for our rollover. I think this was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the way we operate as a team, as the two week break has made us think about what we actually do. So subconsciously I think this week I questioned if what we did within our team time was actually valuable.

At the end of our team time I felt relatively happy about how we have decided to work as a team in regards to everyone specializing in their roles and discussing through proposed decisions as a group. However on reflection on this week’s readings and have found myself questioning whether I have evaluated this to the best of my ability. Was I just accepting the way we do things to avoid conflict o wasting time on redeveloping our team norms? Or did I just want to make myself feel good by thinking what are doing as a team is the best? Argyris (1991) reveals in their example how a team of consultants would avoid giving themselves negative criticisms at all costs. This made me see how I could be possibly doing the same within my own group and how I might need to be more critical. The issue here is how we get to the point where we are critical enough of ourselves that we get to truth of our flaws.

Argyris (1991) illustrated how someone else could always see the thing someone else is wrong when they couldn’t see it themselves. From this I now feel like we have to think of ourselves in the perspective of others. For example when looking over my assignment I try to look at it from the perspective of the marker. This simply allows me to disregard emotion to look at the facts. However this is something I need to put conscious effort into as I normally wouldn’t judge myself like this. Therefore moving forward I think I will put more effort in critiquing myself in the perspective of others around me. Then allowing myself to be open to feedback to evaluate any discrepancies between what we think.


Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4-15


  1. I thought this was a really good journal where you started to question your thinking and not just accepting it. I think to improve your journal you could perhaps try to answer a few of the questions you ask as they could lead to further problems/points to think about or create some solutions or ways forward. You probably answered them or at least thought about them as you wrote your journal but it would have been good to have included some of your thoughts on those questions in the journal! 
    Otherwise I think its a strong journal and you finished it with what you're going to do in the future which shows a higher level of learning as you're looking for ways to put what you've reflected on this week to use (smile)  

  2. This was a great journal entry. I agree on your thoughts on how it is very hard yet crucial to critique our work from a different perspective, which is why it is better to let someone else critique it for us which then leads to other problems like how would you address the feed backs given to you...we usually don't mind the positive ones, but the negative ones are sometimes overbearing. It would have been great to see you elaborate on this matter in your journal entry (you briefly mentioned it in your last paragraph). However, you have applied Daudelin's model clearly which helped me understand what problem you were encountering this week, how you came across it, and how you can do it differently. 

    Great journal entry (smile)