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After the success in our previous rollover of increasing our SHV by a substantial margin along with identifying areas in the market as ones that we could successfully exploit, we as a team were confident as we made our decisions this week. As the rollover came and went, sure enough it was our most successful week yet. Despite the success of our firm individually, I’m left with numerous questions, concerning how and why our competitors SHV dropped. This is a troubling issue for me as they all started strongly and were doing so well, and now that our shareholder value is the highest, may we fall into the same trap as them? And what exactly was the trap they fell into? Or did our firm do so well that we forced the competitors SHV down? So despite our success in the rollover, our team has many questions to talk our way through in the coming week, to ensure we do not follow suit.


In regards to this weeks reading, Arygis (1991) provides one way that our group can ensure in the coming week that we do all that we can to be successful. Despite us being successful in the last rollover, we need to remind ourselves that we still have a lot to learn, and we need to not misunderstand what learning is. We need to make sure that we are engaged in ‘double loop’ learning as apposed to ‘single loop’ learning, we need to still critically reflect on our performance and what we could have done even better, we need to reflect on our reasoning for different decisions, this way when/if we fail in some way we can prevent defensive reasoning from blocking us from learning from our mistakes. We need to focus not only outwards into what is happening in the market but also inwards into how we have decided to do whatever we have decided to do.


This is area that in this coming week, I feel that could help us a lot in preventing ourselves from following in the footsteps of the majority of our competitors. We need to ensure that our team’s mentality is still hungry and open to learning, as apposed to getting over confident or cocky, if we can do this, I feel that we can continue to perform strongly as a team and achieve more positive results. 



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4--15


  1. Hi Matt,

    Well done on the learning journal it was interesting to read your views on the team moving forward. I thought that you did a good job at applying Daudelins theory within your journal and you related this back to the Mikes Bikes simulation really well. I think it is clear that you understood the theories application within the course and this helped to strengthen the points you where making about our competitors.

    To improve on your journal next week you may wish to expand further on the theory and content within the weeks readings. This will ensure you are also applying blooms taxonomy to the appropriate level.

    Despite this I did enjoy your journal and thought it was really well written. You structured your paragraphs in a simple and logical way, making it easy to read and ensured all your points were clear. Good Job (thumbs up).

  2. Matthew,

    Your journal this week as insightful and enjoyable to read. Your journal comprehensively incorporates the reading for this week and your experiences from Mike’s Bikes. With regards to Daudelin’s reflection process, you have flawlessly incorporated the various steps into your journal’s structure. In relation to this incorporation, I believe your journal is at the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. This is because not only are you stating your opinions, you are questioning them further, resulting in a more deep and comprehensive reflection. Your understanding of the key concept from this week’s reading and the incorporation of this with your Mike’s Bikes experience was excellent. With regards to improvement, it was extremely difficult to find the areas of improvement due to the high level of reflection you have provided n this journal. However, there are a few grammatical errors, such as “This is area that in this coming week” that may disrupt your conveyed messages if there are a lot in your future journals, so just be careful of that, and before you submit your final one, read it aloud to ensure the sentences not only make sense, but flow onto the next one.

    Overall, this journal is of high quality, you have provided a very good insight into your experiences with Mike’s Bikes in relation to the prescribed weekly reading. Keep up the good work, and you will be at the highest levels of Bloom’s taxonomy in no time.