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At this point in the game I am feeling reasonably good around the technicalities of our decisions and expect my team to do fine in the end. I now know where I “belong”…making tough decisions under without knowing the future result (Drucker, 2005).

LJ09 Learning Journal 2019:

The problem that I have is how can we maintain our evolutionary phase until the rest of the and prolong “the next developmental crisis” (P.37, Greiner, 1972). I believe we are fully matured and in the collaboration stage of growth (Greiner, 1972). This is characterised by more unplanned management actions by teams and efficient resolution of interpersonal differences (Greiner, 1972).

Greiner (1972) refers to the developmental crisis as a revolutionary phase, a stage where there is turmoil in organisational life. At present there are good decisions being made. Though there only little interpersonal differences, they are resolved right away rather than being left to linger. This is making our interactions relatively smooth. Greiner (1972) says that the previous solution that paves the way for the evolution which leads the next revolution. Although Greiner (1972) is unsure of the fifth revolutionary phase, he suggests that it will involve employees being burdened by excessive emotional and physical exhaustion by excess team effort and expectation to find business solutions (Greiner, 1972). Working with my team is not a problem but the pressure to find innovative solutions and raise profit every year may be. I also think that maybe spending excess time checking mikebikes data outside of class might be affecting my morale and exhausting me a bit. It has become clear that maintaining a high level performance comes at a price.

Greiner (1972) says that the solution for phase five's revolution will involve new protocols that allow employees to reflect, rest and renew their energies. I spoke about something like this in the previous journal. Schwartz (2007) mentions providing an opportunity for recovery to sustain positive emotional states and doing things that give purpose to oneself. We are now near the end game and the best thing for my team would be to try keep on or improve positivity and supportiveness so that innovative solutions can be uncovered, and the best possible decisions can be made. As I previously wrote, finding something personally renewing can allow me to reset my mind and body. It seems to have made a difference because earlier in the semester things were more hectic. Overtime the game becomes more manageable of course, but finding a balance between work and other stuff helps.

Better understanding when one is becoming physically or mentally exhausted and acting can prevent poorer states. Energy renewal may be natural to people, but I guess thinking about that process for a moment can create a greater control over one’s energies. Doing this will help in the final 2 weeks.





Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing Oneself. Harvard Business Review, 83(1), 100–109.

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. Harvard Business Review50(4), 37–46.

Schwartz, T. (2007). Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time. Harvard Business Review85(10), 63–73.



  1. Hi Ramy,

    I enjoyed your well-integrated academic sources to back up what you are saying. However, to me, your journal seems too heavy balanced on academia and does not offer enough personal reflection. I see the argument you have built and do not fault it, but tying in your personal experience more would benefit your journal. 

    Nonetheless, this is a good, well written, journal.

    Good luck,


  2. Kia Ora Ramy, 

    Your journal this week shows that you've put a lot of time into adapting the literature to your own experience. I understand your approach to solving your problem, however I would also recommend a more personal approach to reflecting. More specifically what energy renewal helps you with or how can your team approach energy renewal etc. Overall a solid reading and well structured journal.