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It is such a good feeling to be almost at the end of the course and finally having reflections containing progression, success and confidence. It was this week that my group was bought by another group, after we had previously bought a group, making us some form of super group. In this super group. We were worried that we had more to lose than to gain because we were well aware from the previous week of the things we could do to cause our child company to fail in order to get a better SHV. Not that we had any intention to do this, but we were worried that our new parent company would do this. Our insecurities heightened even more after our poor performance last week, thinking we would be 'pumped and dumped'. However after a few days of keeping to ourselves and focussing on decisions for the week to come, we finally met with our new parent company who was honest in saying they had more to gain by keeping us, than selling us. We more or less agreed to share the market in order to maximise sales and improve SHV for all 3 teams. We also knew that they have been a really successful group in the past weeks and we had a lot of knowledge to gain from working alongside them. It has been a common theme throughout my journals to talk about honesty, and communication. It may sound obvious, but I really think that this is the key to having an effective and productive team. By being honest and open with other group members, be it in a small group or a super group, it is helping to work as efficiently as possible towards success. Although I am a bit worried about the next rollover, I am sure if we have effective communication between the 3 teams within the supergroup, I am sure we can have the best result possible, or at least a feeling of satisfaction knowing that we did the very best that we could. 

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal and I agree that integrity and open communication is key to becoming effective teams. And its good to hear that you are working together with your parent company and subsidiary to maximise your gains. I also liked the way you have applied Daudelin's model and it was short and yet very detailed (straight to the point). For improvement I would suggest to use paragraphs so that the reader can easily see what your problem was, what have you done differently and what action you are planning to do. I have noticed that you have only talked about your parent company, but I would like to see you talk about your collaboration with your subsidiary (since you have stated that all three are now working together). Also, it would be very beneficial to apply the weekly readings to your journal entry. Especially the Christensen's reading about how a person would measure his or her life, blending your life and team work experiences would have been very interesting to see (a great finish). Overall, outstanding work! keep it up and hope all goes well within the  double roll overs.