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After a disheartening result last week, this week isn't looking much better for our team, nothing much has improved and I think we are all feeling very demotivated towards Mike's Bikes. It's not that we aren't trying, if anything we are putting more effort into our individual decisions and our meetings are in fact getting longer. It's difficult to know what it is we are doing wrong, here is where this week's lecture comes in...

Peter introduced us to the idea of data collection and self monitoring as a successful method of achieving desired results in areas of life that have many variables to consider. The documentary we were showed really spoke to me as my mother has Crohn's disease and I see the stress and frustration she feels when she does everything she thinks should ease the symptoms but can't get any results. I liken this to the feeling my teammates and I are currently feeling towards the Mike's Bikes simulation where we struggle to see which variables are affecting us most. 

Maybe we should take this concept on board and start to manage the behaviour of the team and what we were doing differently when we were successful at the start of the simulation in comparison to now. So the next step is to ask what we need to monitor, do we really need to monitor what we had for breakfast the day of decision making and how many hours sleep we had? Or would it be sufficient to compare hours spent on decision making and group time and Its correlation to overall success? We aren't doing as well as we were and we definitely need to change what we are doing, but should we accept the conditions of our market and change our strategy to suit, or should we pursue our original plan but put more time into maintenance and better decision-making? 

I do definitely think the idea of monitoring every detail and potential variable that could affect our performance, however I think that at this stage in Mike's Bikes we are too far in to start such a time consuming exercise which could potentially hinder our coming decisions. I don't disagree with applying the concept to our team work, however I suggest we take on the idea partially by managing a few things that are likely to have the biggest impact on our performance.

In previous group experiences I have had more success in trusting in each others ideas and that we will all do our own parts rather than scrutinizing each other for their parts that we aren't specialised in ourselves. I really hope the good atmosphere and relationships we have as a team holds us together as we get our confidence back and climb back up to the top together rather than having to turn to micro-managing team decisions.


  1. Hi Nicole.

    I like the way you have gone about connecting MikesBikes, your own personal experiences and what Peter has been teaching us in class. This shows that you have thought about the past week before diving into your reflection. I agree with what you say that it is probably too big of an exercise to have everyone in the group start to collect data on everything but i think that in our individual segments we should be looking at the relevant info for our own team and others before making decisions.

    In terms of Daudlins you may like to try and explore why you think it is 'too far in' to start collecting and processing large amounts of data and possibly relate it to other readings that have been covered in the course. By doing this you maybe able to get a broader reflection/opinion on why you feel the way you do. This may then be of use as we move into the final summative learning journal.

    Hopefully we can regain our winning streak.

    See you tomorrow.


  2. Thank you for the opportunity to review your learning journal. The main thing you have demonstrated learning is that as a team you recognise the need to spend more time on decision making and trust the decisions made by the specialist members of your team. 

    Based on this journal I think that you are loosely following Daudelin's structure for reflection. In relation to Daudelin's structure you've articulated the problem of trying to understand where your team could improve on is performance. You've linked your learning to the lectures for this week however I'd suggest that a link to this week's readings could also have been demonstrated in your journal. I would recommend that when you're analysing your problem that you try to link your journal to the weeks readings and reference them. In this way you can demonstrate your understanding of theory by linking it to your experiences.

    The highest level of Bloom's taxonomy demonstrated in your journal is Analysis. This was done when you asked yourself some great questions such as "should we pursue our original plan but put more time into maintenance and better decision-making?"

    In terms of improvement, I would suggest that you use the week's readings to add depth and theoretical knowledge to your reflection. Thank you again for sharing your work, it has helped me to improve my own work by considering how I can ask myself challenging questions in my own reflections.