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It's nearing the end and being near the top of the leader board, it's going to all about the double roll-over! But instead of looking forward in this journal, I think it's important to look back.
Our team is in a strong position to contend the top of the leader board not because of next week's decisions but because of the decision we've already made and the past 9 weeks.

"Companies fail to see that many clues to their future success lie within their own organisations and their evolving states of development." (Greiner, 1972). I think that this rings true for our team. I feel like we've been successful due to our team structure and the development of that structure. This in turn has lead to us being able to create an environment in which we have been able to make the best decisions. I think this is true for a number of reasons. Firstly the structure of the team helps create the culture and how we make decisions. In our team we have a relatively flat structure in the sense that we are all able to contribute equally and everyone's opinions and thoughts are heard but when need be our CEO will step in or help guide the discussion so as a team we stay on track. I feel like this has helped us to continue to critically evaluate the decisions we are making and ensuring they fit with our overall strategy and are all aligned. Secondly, I think the structure of a team can have a huge impact on the idea of 'groupthink'. Within our team we have continued to evolve the way we work together to the point where we feel comfortable questioning each others decisions. In some cases this has lead to recognising potential problems with a decision before the roll-over. However I will say that having a flat structure also has it's downfalls when it comes to groupthink. Because everyone is on the 'same level' within the team, we rely on each other to ask "why" that decision, and speak up if they don't agree which at times could be hard as you don't want to disrupt the culture of the team. In a way they are all linked together and having an understanding of the impact of the evolving states of development of the team is important to understand how the team is able to be successful.

So what does this mean moving forward? I think that looking inwards, instead of constantly focusing outwards is an important way to understand the how of being successful. This is something that I can remember when in other team, or organisational, situations in the future and use this to look at how the team is being successful and putting it into practise.


Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. Harvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Phillippa,

    Glad to hear your team is doing so well in the Mikes Bikes simulation sounds like you guys know how and where you are going for the last double rollover.  

    My critique for your journal is that you don't really address what the problem is, but rather given a description of how your team has done well over the course.  In some parts your journal became confusing.  It was clear what you were saying, but your wording and grammatical errors made it hard to identify the key points.  Lastly, there are two points that I have mentioned before that could still be addressed.  Firstly, this journal lacked support from the theory, or there was a lack of referencing such as your point about "groupthink" it would be good to reference this to put evidence behind your thinking.  Secondly, the theory was not integrated completely into your journal.  You begin your second paragraph with a quote and that is the only reference to the reading we receive, if this was to be referenced by integrating the theory into your work it would of produced a more substantial learning journal.  Lastly, you still relate a large majority of your journal towards the "we" philosophy.  You need to emphasis what you learnt from this week in order to demonstrate the point of the learning journal.  

    Your journal was a nice read, but there are areas that could still be improved on.

    Good luck for the last rollover and end of semester (smile)