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With only two weeks left of the semester, things tend to rapidly increase in urgency, focus shifts towards exams and beyond. Unfortunately this also means that soon it will be time t say goodbye to The Racing Bike Company, having chosen not to compete in worlds, our team will dissolve. However, having said that, there is still one rollover to go, the double rollover, where we must attempt to position our company for long term success. This means a change in the operation of our group and a shift towards sustainability rather than rapid growth. With that it will be good to be able to use my experiences in mikesbikes to help propel the company forward. A greater understanding of how my decisions influence others and the way that team dynamics can evolve has presented me with more tact than when I began this course, seemingly ages ago.

I have also gained a greater respected for preparedness, arriving to a meeting with nothing to present often doesn't sit well with the rest of the team. Being able to explain your decisions to everyone allows us to move more efficiently through the groups thoughts and concerns. Looking back on the past week I can address my concerns as to whether we had killed the company with our takeover. I am delighted to say that in fact we did propel ourselves to a greater market segment and SHV.

In the readings this week, Grenier mentions that there is an array of factors that can determine how an organisation will grow and develop. "clues to future success...lie within their own organisation and their evolving stages of development" (1972). I took this to mean that a company's future is entirely dependent on its decisions in the past. Evolution as growth and Revolution as confusion has really helped to explain the different stages of running a mikesbikes company. Initially our group was engaged in all out scandal which slowly dissipated, this had its benefits as I believe it brought us all closer as a team. Later on in the evolution stages, we learned from each other and also the readings and modified our behaviour to be optimal. As with all groups there has been disagreement and confrontation as also set out in Tuckman's four stages of group development.

Overall this week allowed me to see the changes in my group over the course of the semester. looking back on the team at the beggining it is clear that mgmt 300 has influenced us and changed us. I anticipate strong results for my team in the next two rollovers.


Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations growHarvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.