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This week's result in Mikes Bikes was like falling off a bike. We have been riding this bike smoothly uphill and all in a sudden we fell. There has been some absence from different team members, including me in some of our weekly meetings.  Even during the meeting, I can feel that not all of us is contributing equally to the subject. Sometimes it's not about the presences, its about the ones that are 'contributing', and a matter of being very focused on a particular issue, and thus in a way neglecting other issues. For instance, I was very much concern and concentrated on the amount we put in advertisement, I didn't really communicate with the manufacturing process. Our awareness was high but our product demand dropped significantly. This all comes down to the problem of communication and support for each other.

If i had to discuss my decision more precisely with my team members and taking extra attention on their decisions, I believe the result of the roll over would be much more different than what it is now. Even if I don't have much knowledge in their field of expertise, I can still raise concerns, or question their decisions, because I believe if someone guide me along my decisions I will gain more confidence and pride into what I contributed. Not that I mean to criticize another's decision, but ask question and make sure they know what they are doing. I would be much thankful if someone is there for me. Katz (1955) approached this issue of communication through human skill. It is about the development of human skill, of a person's own attitude, assumption and beliefs towards others and awareness of our owns. It's the development of these fundamental human skills to make usefulness of these feelings to promote an atmosphere of approval and security. To express without fear of censure and encourage the participation of all members. I am a sensible persons, and sometimes the things I said doesn't really reflect what I mean and usually people take them for granted, because I take into account of other people feeling. This is the lack of development of human skill is serious, I really need to stand up to the problem and express myself towards about the problem. 

Like wise in return, I would hope my team member can provide this same kind of communication in return, to guide me and help me disregards of success or failure. It is about the interaction and the pride and joy you put into something we have all contributed in. In action to what I hope to develop, in the coming week I would express my opinion on the changes we should make. For example, letting our CEO to know that we are concerned of his absence, we would really like his support and presence. He really need to get involved with this assignment, and this is not just about being presence, even if he is lack of understanding for contribution, at least take concern of what other people is doing like what I have stated above as an act of support, but without being an interference to other people's work. And for my personal action and human skill development, If I was concerned of one of my team member's decision, I would first take into explore and discover any solution towards the problem and discuss my findings as stated in Katz (1955) this is a technical skill; with them rather than forcing my opinion without any knowledge onto their work. This is a sensible development of human skill, to create a supporting and bonding atmosphere. By taking these actions, I believe regardless of the result of rollovers, this learning experience is significant. 


Katz, R. L. (1955). Skills of an effective administrator.Harvard Business Review, 33(1), 33--42.


  1. Hi Caitlin, 
    I thoroughly enjoyed your reflection this week as I feel that I'm in quite a similar situation as you are. I enjoyed the point you raised when saying that "sometimes it's not about the presences, its about the ones that are contributing", because it made me re-think my contribution to the team. I guess for a number of teams are in a state of a SHV rut, where many of us feel that our results aren't as pleasing as they use to be. Overall it is about identifying our faults and learning from them, so take this as an opportunity to speak out to your team, especially to your CEO, to try work on the next turnover to gain much better results. It is good to see that you have identified potential areas that your group could work on, and also you have applied the concepts of the readings well into your entry. For future reflections it might be good to take us through how you would approach these challenges and potential outcomes that may occur. Goodluck to you and you team!

  2. Hi Caitlin, I thought I would give you some feedback (smile) 


    I certainly found this an interesting article, and you described your problem well. My biggest fear in MikesBikes is that we will 'fall' like you said your team did. I can see you followed Daudelin's guidelines well so I can't see any feedback in this area. I have a couple suggestions for you to see your reflections doing even better. First, I think you maybe could have supplemented your first paragraph in particular with references to 'conceptual skills' from the article you referenced, just to add me depth. Although your writing style was quite good, I noticed a few grammatical errors in the reflection which you may not have noticed. For example 'I was very much concern', which should have been 'I was very much concerned.' Perhaps you could get somebody else to proof-read your reflection (which is something that I do, to pick up on these sort of mistakes that you might overlook). I believe this would make it more fluid.


    Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck with the rest of your readings!