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Hellllo and welcome, to this weeks installment of Cam’s Learning Journal!!!! (for learning purposes ONLY)

Well, this week I was caught up busy looking after some matters of personal affliction with University. For this reason it is ironic that I am choosing to still do my learning journal this week, rather than simply opting out of it as I easily have in the past.

Looking through the course readings for this week, and the numerous surrounding weeks, I stumbled across a piece by Tony Schartz from the Harvard business review. This piece was written about stamina in the workplace and in organizations. Stamina within the workplace is not an overly talked about subject. For me personally, it has got me thinking and reflecting over this simesta, as well as over my past few years of study and of my life as a whole. I am not sure that I have been using, planning or expending my energy in effective ways. And as a result, Ive spent a majority of my time doing things, or not even doing these things that I do not enjoy, but more so overthinking them, pondering them, getting stressed out by them. Schwartz has made me realise how important it actually is to be mindful of ones energy output, especially unto activities which are not of great excitement to oneself. It is essential to maintain getting satisfaction out of work, and to not start flawing through lack of effort due to losing excitement from the reward (which in plain work is generally satisfaction… and especially in university work… however I have noticed that in this course my satisfaction and self reward systems have been more easily pleasured as I get satisfaction out of achieving things with a team more, rather than just by myself.)

In reflecting on this, it has also made me ponder how little motivation I have had individually throughout my university career. I have been pushing myself through the strenuous courses, and all without letting myself get involved with people in similar situations with me, and isolated myself. This has had a huge impact on my stamina to get through, but this paper has made me mindful and aware of what I’ve really put myself through the past few years.. And I am extremely grateful for it. Although I haven’t put into university exactly what I wish I had, I know there are particular skills and knowledge that I have gained that I will be able to carry forward onto my working life.

Emphasis on managing energy not time in the workforce as Schartz’ studies emphasized, seems to me like a very meaningful idea that we could follow in our team, and definitely take forward from this company to our future managerial endeavors. Keeping workers motivated and destresssed is eseential for clear decision making and motivation.


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SCHWARTZ, T. (2007) . Harvard Business Review. Oct2007, Vol. 85 Issue 10, p63-73.