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Tuesday night was the first time that I had gotten to play around with MikesBikes and SoloMike. As the CV was due on Wednesday, I thought I had better get to it. How hard could it be? I watched the overview video, skimmed over the quick start guide, and went through all the motions on SoloMike. However, as I changed my desired factors and rolled over to the next year, my shareholder value had gone down. This kept happening every time I rolled over and I soon got frustrated and angry at MikesBikes. Although I did not invest much time into SoloMike, I decided to hand in my (failed) financial report for the simulation along with the CV as required. What I didn’t know what that we would be grouped according to our shareholder value, and therefore I was placed in a team where nobody had successfully completed a shareholder value of $25 or more. At first I felt upset and stranded as everyone in our group came from a more social/arts backgrounds with no one exceling at finance or business – definitely not diverse in ability as Katzenbach and Smith (1992) suggested in forming groups. Being the procrastinator that I am, I thought I still had time to figure out MikesBikes (and get some help from my cousin who is an experienced MikesBikes user) after being placed into what I thought would be fairly distributed groups. Furthermore, this week’s reading states that “Instructors should form teams rather than allowing students to self-select… the stronger students in the class will tend to seek one another out, leaving the weaker ones to shift for themselves, which works to no one’s benefit” and moreover that weak and strong students benefit each other when placed in a group (Katzenbach and Smith, 1992), which I strongly feel was contradicted when the groups were allocated. However, as this was clearly not the case, I was convinced that our team would meet an inevitable demise in MikesBikes.

I later came to realise that the groups were somewhat fairly distributed, as people who didn’t complete the minimum shareholder value should have spent more time and effort into achieving it, in which I did not and was consequently being punished for it. Although our group will definitely face some challenges in overcoming MikesBikes, I am certain that we will be able to pick ourselves up and hopefully end somewhere in the middle of the class for this assignment. One thing that I am confident about is that our team will have minimal conflict and will work well together. Everyone in our group seems sincere and helpful and we are all similar in our academic backgrounds, therefore I hope we will be able to work together well, learn from each other, and conquer the dreaded MikesBikes. Although our team is currently not a threat to other teams, I am happy with the people I was placed with. After all MikesBikes is worth 20% of our overall grade compared to the 80% for the learning journals – in which our teams is bound to do a lot of due to the immense amount of learning we have yet to do with the simulation.

Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matter. McKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3—27


  1. I really enjoyed reading your journal! i liked that you related the readings back to your personal thoughts and experiences so far in this course. I had an extremely hard experience with MikesBikes but once your figure it out everything will make a lot more sense i swear! your reflection shows that you understand what was happening in the readings especially when you used examples to relate back to your experiences this week in mgmt. Im sure that if your team works well together you will be able to succeed!! MikesBikes does take time to learn but once you get it, its a lot easier from there, good luck (smile)

  2. An interesting approach to this weeks journal. I felt like I was reading your diary about each step of working through MikeBikes and it took you a while to focus on something where you could really dig deep and reflect on. It was great to see you to felt that the team selection was a contradiction of the readings, as I also felt this way, and I'm intrigued to see how all the teams go based on the selection methods. It looks like many of the teams in class were fairly distributed, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see how everyone does. When you brought the "Why teams matter" reading into your journal you were starting to reflect in a more constructive way and I feel you could have taken this further. I would suggest focusing more on one or two specific points in your next journal and try to really elaborate on them. Good luck for the semester!!