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“If you put in the work you will get the results.” This something Peter has mentioned several times, and something my team decided to take on board in order to do the best we possibly could. Reflecting on the past week it is again evident that we went away from the previous meeting hoping for the best, because at that point our SHV was the lowest of the pack yet we felt we had put in the hard yards. However over two rollovers we have gone from the bottom of the pack to the top in regards to SHV, firstly we felt we had definitely put in the work and research to achieve ourselves a high SHV, but the fact is last week the team at the top of the pack suddenly dropped to the bottom within one rollover, and this has kept us on our toes.

However as previously mentioned someone can go from the top of the pack to the bottom in a single rollover, and this is where my fear lies.  And it’s not just within MikesBikes where a small/silly mistake can leave you with undesirable results. I use to be a rower in high school and in competing it isn’t all about being the fastest, because if you are the fastest but have terrible technique then all it takes is a strong current to catch your blade leaving your boat struggling to get the blade of the oar back into position, which can cost the boat some time, and in that time the other crews have well overtaken you and are nearing the finish line. In relation to MikesBikes technique also come into play. Looking at the past few weeks some teams have taken a short term approach and in my eyes I feel that just went with what they new would immediately get their SHV up and hoped that once it was up it would stay up.

As a team we have been trying to consider the decisions other groups may be making and make the appropriate decisions accordingly. I have been hoping that the dramatic drop in SHV by one of the teams in our market is due to their strategy being that of a short term strategy, and can only hope that we have taken the right steps to cement our long term strategy within our competitive market. Again quoting last weeks Chris Argyris reading, “success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning” (Argyris, C. 1991). I think If my teams keeps trying to take steps forward, continually learning from both our and our competitors mistakes, whilst putting in the extra work to keep ourselves learning more about technique in MikesBikes then we might be able to keep taking steps forwards without experiencing a leap backwards.



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15

1 Comment

  1. Hi Olivia,

    Good job on this weeks learning journal! You had many great point throughout your entry, I especially liked how you were able to relate MikesBikes to a real life experience; not only did this make it easier for me to understand your situation, I'm sure it helped you reflect on the instance as well. 

    The one critique I would have would be to expand on how your learnings will impact you in the future... You mention some of the fears of being at the top, learning from competitors' mistakes, and how you hope this will help you in the future; what kind of extra work will you put in? What mistakes are competitors making that you could use to your advantage?

    Overall, great job! Keep up the good work and good luck with the rest of MikesBikes.