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This week has been the best week ever in MGMT300! Our team has finally found its way to the top in the Indian market. Now the struggle begins to make sure that we stay at the top, as we have seen that staying there is just as hard as getting up there. Nevertheless, we are very determined and our team dynamics are getting stronger with each week that passes by. This brings to the week’s reading about learning and development. I can physically see the development within our team that has resulted from the learning that we have done together.

As Davis and Easterby-Smith state, “If a manager is to develop significantly within a particular job it is most important that he has the confidence and freedom to evolve the job in response to changes in external circumstances.” (p.179, 1984). My team members have made it very easy for every one of us to feel confident and free to do our job as we see fit. For instance, by having the section that detailed our job descriptions along with the SWOT analysis, each of us knew our ‘limits’ in terms of the decisions that needed to be made. Also to encourage everyone to feel free, our meetings are always a bit informal in the sense that we are very inclusive during our discussion. A clear example that I have observed so far in our team that one of our team members has a quiet and maybe shy personality. At first. Like most of us, she was not very sure of what she was supposed to do within her role, therefore rarely voiced her opinion about the discussions that were taking place. As a team we encouraged her to feel confident and free to share her ideas by making sure that any decisions that we made regarding her job position, we would make sure that she had the final say. As a result, that gave her some authority and that authority slowly turned into confidence. This week she was the first person to lead our team meeting! Success.

As Davis and Easterby-Smith (1984) state, what our team has done has been in attempt to make sure that we all learn and grow (in this context, develop) together. This is because, “the responsibility lies partly with the individual, and partly with the organization…the organization must be prepared to foster more of a developing culture [being inclusive and making sure that we were all moving in the same direction] and to make maximum advantage of the opportunities that already exist within it [each of our strengths that we contribute to the team].” (p.182).

In terms of development, Davis and Easternby-Smith (1984) claim that there seems to be differences in the ways managers develop between and within jobs. Im MGMT300 we are stuck in the roles that we have been assigned, therefore cannot develop ‘between’, however we develop ‘within’. As a CFO, I have become more comfortable with my role over the weeks. I now know what is expected of me and I know how to do it well, as the weeks have passed. Before we set our team agreement we each had to do a SWOT analysis on our positions. This helped us identify where we needed help from our team members. Looking back at the SWOT analysis, most of my weaknesses I ould not consider them as weaknesses anymore. This has come to be, as a result of me learning a few bits and pieces about my role as a CFO. As a result my skills have enhanced, therefore in a way have developed. I see it this way because development cannot occur without first learning something new. [To be honest, I added this last paragraph after reading Peter's comment about our reviewers for this week...]


Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiences. Journal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Hi Arlette, I really liked the way you have structured your journal; it flowed well and made your reflection easy to read and understand. Using numerous references from the readings is also another strength of this journal as it shows that you have a good understanding of the concepts and how they are relevant to our experience. They have added depth to your journal  which reflects that you are in the higher stages of blooms taxonomy.  

    Something to improve on for your next journal would be to follow Daudelin's reflection process a bit more. I could easily identify your problem of trying to remain on top, but the rest of your discussion was based around your team dynamics and how you have developed/grown. Maybe some good questions to ask would be: is this the reason you believe your team has done so well? And if so how will your development benefit your team and your decisions?

    Overall your journal was well written and an interesting read! I have never given much thought to team development/growth as i thought it was something that just came naturally with time but you have given me an insightful perspective (smile)

  2. Great journal, your journal is the first one I've read in a long time where the readings have been referred to very well. Just like above to improve try to follow Daudelin's reflection process it will improve the the flow of the reflection and make what you learnt clearer to the reviewer.