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It was absolutely fantastic to have a break and relax, but even on the beach of Tonga I found my self thinking of MikesBikes once or twice. I have really gotten very excited about this program and MGMT 300 as a whole, so I was very keen to see what this week held in store. 

Overall, it was a chaotic week back with one large assignment for another paper taking up most of my free time and then some. Because of this I was unfortunately not able to do the readings this week and therefore this reflection will surely not be my best work, so I apologize. I will do the readings this weekend, but for now, I will discuss my teams performance in this last rollover.

Our first meeting after the break got cancelled because we had a team member sick and others were scrambling to get assignments done and do some last minute cramming for upcoming tests. We decided to meet up during what was originally our class time on Wednesday, and this meeting too, was a bit of a write-off. As a team we have all become quite good friends; this distracted us and we spent most of the hour long meeting discussing about our break and sharing any stories we had accumulated in our time off. So Thursday, we had a two hour meeting that was very productive! Saying this we definitely were making quick decisions, with less discussion when we usually do. However, at the end of the meeting I felt satisfied with the work we had done and was confident that we would have positive results; I was wrong.

Our SHV almost halved and initially I could not believe it. After some digging however it became clear to me that this wasn't just the work of quick and hasty decision making. Almost every single firm in my market (India) dropped as well, some much more than us. The leading company the week before (As approx. 23 SHV) dropped all the way down to $3 SHV!! I thought that this was very odd, especially as India seemed to be the place to be before the break. It makes me wonder whether Peter has some form of control of the simulation its self, or if this was purely the software reacting to our moves. Nonetheless, I was able to determine that our company is far from out of the race! Although our SHV did drop a lot I think we were able to learn some valuable lessons and there were definitely some silver linings... I cant go into too much detail though, because I don't want to spill any secrets.

I am interested to see if my team will be able to turn this negative roll over into more positive strides in the future!

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    Thanks for the awesome read. It’s always good to hear how things are going from the perspective of another team member. What I enjoyed most about your journal, is that while many students try to explicitly use Daudelin’s four stages of reflection, you seamlessly merge the principles in to your writing and I don’t know if you know this or not. This may have happened subconsciously which is awesome. I could use this in my writing too because I find myself following the steps strictly with labels ("The first step I will follow is...")

    First, you identify a few problems: (1) we have become distracted because we have all become quite good friends and sometimes sharing stories takes time away from productivity. (2) We were making quick decisions with less discussion with the consequence of an almost halved SHV.

    Secondly, you identified what we were doing in the past that caused all of this. The tentative theory discussed was that because we have formed healthy group relations, we assume that this aids in positive decision making. After last week’s result, I am sure we can pick up and improve.

    Your journal was reflective and to the point. Some constructive critique (probably negligible at this point because you have already identified that you have not done the readings) that I would offer is once you have done the reading, incorporate some theory in to your writing. It really does lift the journal and adds insight too.

    I have to be honest – it is difficult to critique a journal’s points from someone in the same team as me because although it may not satisfy some of the reflective pointers that Peter has provided, I know from first-hand experience that what you have written in this journal is very reflective of our team.

    I have nothing more to say. I’ll just use this space to say that you are one funny dude haha.

    See you in the next meeting! :D