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Looking back at how this week went, I can’t help but feel like I have a lot of reflecting to do. Unfortunately this week didn’t go as planned. This was made even worse by the fact that our team took a big financial risk in the hopes that it would have us see the results we have been looking for. I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected in a simulation and it is probably a good thing to make mistakes since that will be how I learn from all of this, but where I feel the trouble with all this is that I thought I had been reflecting and learning from the previous weeks and so this rollover was supposed to be where I put that reflection to good use.

Having, however, done the readings now, I can see where I possibly went wrong. I had been focused on trying to get results each week. So my reflection was too narrow and specific when I should have been trying to see the big picture. To put it in terms of the readings, I had been learning using the single loop method where I should have using double loop learning.

The next step for me now would be to choose how I move on from here. It is important for me to learn from last week but I don’t know if I can actually use double loop learning. What are the underlying assumptions on which our team operates and how do I adjust them if they need to be changed? If I had to give it a try, I would say as a team we may need to take a step back from trying to accomplish specific goals and instead look back at what we are trying to accomplish overall and determine if we have the capabilities to achieve that and if not, how do we deal with that. I am lucky to be in a team that chose learning as their priority for this exercise because it means that hopefully we are all willing to seriously consider what we are trying to do and possibly make some changes that might not be very comfortable but will allow us to learn in a way that gives us some meaning.