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The second week of MGMT 300 has been the most exhausting and challenging week for me. I think a combination of the readings, MikesBikes deadline, team formation and reflection is a bit too much content for one week. Being given only a week to familiarise myself with the simulation is not enough time for me to reach the $25 deadline that was given. I think not only myself but plenty of other students (the people I study with) were struggling also which made me feel even less confident in myself and about the course. Broadly speaking, trying to manage the work load for this course along with my 3 other papers was a total disaster this week.

At the start of this week I was quite confident with managing my time and reaching a share price of $25 before the deadline but as soon as I started my rollovers on MikesBikes I realised that it was going to be much harder than I anticipated. Thinking I was the only one who was finding it hard, I approached my class mates and was surprised to find out they were in the same position as me. I spent hours and hours trying to create a strategy and raise my shareholder price but nothing seemed to be working. I think I finally reached $25.93 just about 5 hours before the report was due which is crazy in my opinion. I had to sacrifice my study time that I would have put into my other papers this week to get through the work load for MGMT 300. For the amount of time and dedication that went into the simulation this week, I think it's worth a percentage of our grade to be very honest. One thing that really got on my nerves is the fact that we were told that if we didn't get a shareholder price of $25 before 4:00pm on Wednesday we would have to un-enrol from the paper yet the people who got below $25 were still put into teams yesterday in class. This made me question, what about the students who didn't hand in their reports because they didn't reach $25 and thought there would be no point in even handing them in? It made me feel as though even I had worked so hard yet people who didn't meet the requirements were being privileged.

Aside from my massive rant about how much of a disaster this week has been, if I was to follow Daudelin's reflection process, it would be hard to relate my problem to the readings this week as we only formed our teams yesterday in class. But the readings have given me a heads up about steps to guide me through the team work over the next few weeks which I am glad about. Walking into class yesterday I was quite scared about what kind of group I would end up in but later on when I connected my expectations to the reading I realised my group would be a good team because we all came from different background each bringing different skills and abilities to our team, we had a common purpose to be successful over the next few weeks and we all had the same agreement about the level of commitment we are going to bring to the team (Katzenbach & Smith, 1992). The second reading helped me understand the process that the Peter and the selected people in class took to create our teams. For example, if students were to select their own teams they would tend to leave the weaker students to shift for themselves which wouldn't benefit anyone so this helped me realise why our lecturer and the selected people chose our teams instead of leaving the decision upon us (Oakley, Felder, Brent & Elhajj, 2004). 

If I was to act upon any of the problems I have discussed I would probably make the decision to familiarise myself with MikesBikes even more from now on and come up with a proper time management strategy to make sure I get everything done on time each week. This will enable me to make sure I finish work for my other papers as well. I think setting a day for readings, a day to work on the simulation with my team and a day for my reflection will help me overcome my fear of failing the course because of workload and ensure I get through it steadily.



Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matterMcKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3–27

Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teamsJournal of student centered learning, 2(1), 9--34.


  1. Hey you are right! I didn't reach the $25 SHV but you have to remember that you have a better chance then I do at getting a better grade, you understand the simulation better than me so I will be the one struggling through it. I really need to do this paper though, but I agree that it is unfair that you spent valuable time on reaching the mark only to find that those who didn't were still put into teams! Anyway regarding your reflection, the readings are well covered as well as the Daudelin article. You have also realized what you did wrong this week and discussed ways in which you can improve for next week (good evaluation). From reading your journal I now know how I can improve my own work and I love that you incorporated invaluable examples into your reflection. To be honest I don't know what kind of constructive criticism I can give you.....
    Don't worry about it, you are much more privileged than I am (smile)      

    1. I will be struggling through it as well don't worry you're not the only one! :/ and the people in my team seem to know what they're doing much more than I do hahaha. Thank you so much, I appreciate it (big grin)

  2. I have to agree with Micaela with regards to your learning journal as you have produced examples that you will be able to draw on - to value, meet your expectations and improve over the semester regarding Mgmt 300.  I too had troubles with the simulation in trying to master a strategy that ensured a $25 SHV and I am pleased that my notion of practice and persistence as you have written in this piece, is the way forward..  I think Marina, Tess and co. did a really good job putting the entire class in teams too.  In relation to this week's readings - your use of  Oakley etal. and Katzenbach etal. is well connected to what you experienced in your learning.  Most importantly, I am glad that those that did not reach the $25 SHV have been given a chance to persist, pursue their goals and walk away from this course paper knowing that they took it upon themselves to learn to reach their potential.  I really cannot fault your learning journal - congrats and I have certainly learnt from you - thanks.

    1. I fully agree! I would have not been able to deal with the stress of allocating the whole class into teams haha so I'm thankful that they took time out to do that. Thank you so much! (big grin)

  3. I think your journal reflects on the state of the majority of the students experience with the course and yet while articulating the fear that you and many are experiencing, your behaviour shows that you have adopted the right mentality and are readily applying yourself and continually adjusting your behaviour i.e. allocation of more study time to the course as it is required. I have had to cut back my hours from my job to allow for the courses time requirements also and I am sure many others have too. This show that you are actively involving yourself in the reflection process and engaging in active experimentation to better yourself in the Mikes bikes results and the associated readings. I think this is the best way to achieve in this course and you will certainly be on the right track.

    Your journal also reflects well on the team building process and have applied the theory illustrated there to the practicality of the design of the teams 

    Great job

    1. Yes I've had to cut back on hours for work to allocate more time for studying as well so you know exactly how I feel! :/ haha. Thank you for your feedback! (smile) much appreciated!