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There were a lot of significant events happened in this week. After I met the teammates last week, I felt excited but I also worried that whether these people carry the same goal or not. However, my worries were needless after Tuesday's group's discussion and offline Mikes Bikes practices; I am really lucky that I am surrounded by a group of enthusiastic, intelligent, thoughtful and honest people who strive for excellence. On Tuesday, we have practiced the offline multiplayer Mikes Bikes; we understood our roles well and each of us were highly motivated. Firstlly, we analysed the scenario information of the market and we frequently compared the ideal figures with the company's current status. We frequently discussed about our strategies and personal thoughts, people in these team were enthusiastic and we love to think independently, but we would also listen to other people's opinions patiently. After we changed the figures such as the cost of branding and quality control system, we were really confident of our decisions and we rolled over. Unfortunately, the result was shocking- our SHV decreased by around 95% and I felt all of my blood were frozen. It was a horrible result because we have tried very hard and did heaps of researches and analysis, why do we have such poor performance. Thanks to my positive working attitude, I treated this failure as a source of improvement. According to the Reading "In Praise of Followers" written by Robert E. Kelley, the effective followers are courageous and committed to the organization. As an organizational strategist, I play an important role in the team and I learned that in order to be a good follower, I must keep my positive working attitude and reluctantly to learn from the mistakes. In this case, I started to reanalyze the the key reports such as Balance sheet and Income Statement, at the same time, I have also asked my aunt's opinion of my personal strategy. Finally, I realized that most of our decisions were perfect because they were highly beneficial in the long run. I have tried to roll over few times and I realized our SHV increasd after the second year. I was glad to learn from this failure and the ending result was great, I reduce the cost and allocate the spending more effectively, the ending result was my SHV increased dramatically from $13.46.

The effective follower should be self-reliant and think critically rather than passive, most importantly, they never stop educating themselves. The knowledge from "In Praise of Followers" motivated me and I was glad that I have learnt a lot from the previous failure. I learned that spending money for firm's development is a great idea, but I must beware of how I spend these available cash. In the first round, spending too much on advertisement and ignoring the stakeholders' relationship are the suicidal acts because I would not receive the financial and raw material supports from the others, despite the great awareness. Secondly, I should always keep in mind that sometimes the results of the decision could be poor, but it can be for the short term. I remember the Book "Rich Dad and Poor Dad" taught me the true successful business and investors will focus on the long term performance. In this case, I frequently warned my teammates "Focus on long term performance, these big strategies will be effective in the long run". In order to improve myself and bring more contribution to my team, I must further educating myself and I will bring this attitude throughout my whole life. I believe graduation from uni equals to the beginning of learning, rather than death of learning.

People in my team have shared the key characteristics of the effective followers. We were self-managed and we treated ourselves as equal, this enabled us to openly discuss our opinions and argued with each others. One of my teammates said that we are all equal and share the common goal, the key value of our team is liberalism and you are free to disagree with the others. I have also learnt that commitment is contagious, it was great to see how we encouraged and comforted each other after the Tuesday's failure. We all tried to figure out how to solve the problems and such behavior has influenced the whole team, we were really engaged.

I was glad that we have a passionate leader who inspires us to strive for excellence. The CEO was not quite a Level 5 Leader according to the criteria of the Reading "Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve", but he has some Level 5 characteristics. Although our strategies frequently failed, the CEO often read the advisor's information and reluctant to roll back and fix the whole decisions again. It is lucky for our team to have a nice and friendly CEO who has the strong focus. A successful leader should not scare of change and our CEO loves change. He is a risk taker but fortunately he has a group of followers who have the rational thinking. The rational thinking plus risk taking characteristics made our group did really well at the end.

There are just so many things happen this week that make me can't even sleep properly hahaha. Anyway, I wish not just our team, but everyone in this class, no matter you are follower or CEO, we should all strive for perfection. I feel I am on the right way now and I can see the road in front of me is bright and shiny!!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your journal. It's really interesting to read about what other teams are going through in this mikesbikes challenge. Great use of the Daudelin model to reflect on why your teams shareholder value decreased and the actions in which you will take to overcome this. By applying the readings to your personal experiences with your team, you have showed you understand the theories in these readings. Although in some parts like the "level 5 leadership" you could be more specific as to what the characteristics were. Also you need to reference APA style so although you have paraphrased (which is a good thing) you still need to do some incite referencing. Last but not least, there are a few spelling/grammar issues that need to be fixed either by proof reading or getting someone else to check it. All the best for your team success (smile)

  2. Great enthusiastic journal. I enjoyed reading it however there were a few grammatical and spelling errors such as "firstlly" and "I felt excited but I also worried that whether these people carry the same goal or not", these can be easily fixed by proof reading (out loud sometimes helps). I liked that you used Daudelin's steps (eg: problem, analysis of problem, formulation then action/solutions) in your reflection. Also, incorporating points from the reading that resignated with your experience as an individual as well as a team, especially in learning from your mistakes, shows that you have a good understanding of the reading . Awesome work! (smile)