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First week back from the so called ‘break’, and we’re straight back into it. Our team decided on a new strategy, which required a lot of coordination between us all if it were to be successful. The interesting phenomenon I came across this week was our team’s collective sense of direction, as we all knew what our job was and we were all getting very good at it. This allowed us to comprehensively analyse very specific parts in our field to achieve maximum growth. For this week’s reflection I shall focus on what I could have done better to contribute to the team effort.

I feel that the effort I put in this week could have been better. Although I still did my part, I feel as though I could have contributed more. This week’s reading by Argyris (1991) indicates that “success in the marketplace depends on learning” (p.4). I hope by the end of this reflection I learn a little something to help me for next week. Double loop learning was discussed by Synnott (2013) in another reading, this I found was particularly relevant to my situation. The part I paid most attention to was the feedback process involved in double looping. The results from this rollover essentially act as my feedback in this scenario. I believe that the role I played (R&D) was sufficiently satisfied, as the costs I estimated where actually lower than expected.

In the future I guess I have to put a bit more effort in, I feel as though this week I got a little lucky. Feedback however I find a new appreciation for each week, it allows me to reflect upon my behaviour, and gives me a good baseline to work on myself from.

Thank you for your time.


Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15
Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2. Teaching Public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950


  1. Hey Ed, our R&D professor(tongue)

    I would not notice that how long you actually spent on writing this learning journal until you told us haha. This is a good reflection which contains the recognition of our team's new strategy and the connection with your department situation.

    For some rooms of improvement, I reckon that you could (and of course you will, when you are not in rush(tongue)) expend a bit more on the experience part such as expending what you mentioned about "Double loop learning was discussed by Synnott (2013) in another reading, this I found was particularly relevant to my situation." Maybe a bit more on how it was relevant to your situation? Also a bit more linking back to the readings would be great. For example, you could link "the feedback process involved in double looping" and how feedback allows you to reflect upon your behaviour with the previous week's reading - Getting 360° feedback right, which was very relevant of what you discussed this week about how feedback can help with our learning.

    Last but not least, good job on estimating the cost and all works you have done(wink)!!! I am sure you didn't manage it simply by luck but all the efforts you have made were very useful for our team and appreciated(big grin)

  2. Hi Ed. (big grin) 

    With no bias as well, I'm Impressed with your journal entry despite the fact that you didn't have enough/ a lot of time to do it and you've covered the basic things to learn from both readings. (smile) Content was good and relatable. I feel like most of us feels/felt that way- the want/need to contribute more and the feeling that we could've put in more effort. Keep in mind that we can only do so much, predict and estimate so much that the most important part, I think is the journey and learning that we're getting out of this experience and as you suggested and related to the reading, success depends on learning. I feel that you've already achieved success as you're already learning a lot and applying what you've learned. (smile) 

    In terms of Daudelin's framework, I believe that the problem you identified is that you feel like you could've contributed more and put in a lot of effort more. You did a good job of articulating the problem by relating it back to Argyris' and Synnott's theory, it would've been better if you probably incorporated it with a more detailed example of how you're gonna go about the issue you have discussed. (smile) 

    Overall, it's been a pleasure to read your entry and all the best! See you tomorrow. (big grin)