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I am the vice president of a club on campus that I am very passionate about, it has been a very rewarding experience but at the same time very dissatisfying. It has made realize the true value in great leaders, no one is perfect but people can come close to it or be far from it. Collins (2001) description of a level 5 leader is the type of person I would follow and respect, someone of humility and a professional will is a winning combination. The thing that really stands out to me is the humility, it is really easy for people to let the glory get to their heads and become a glorified figure lifted up on a pedestal. But why does this happen? How can this person maintain this position and even be praised for it? In my case I certainly feel that the followers that love and support this person has facilitated this.

The follower and the leader is a codependent relationship, they need each other to exist. I suppose if both are satisfied then you would have a successful relationship. I suppose my dissatisfaction lies in my lack of respect for my leader. He is an inspirational guy, a very good motivational speaker I suppose, but I feel emptiness in his speeches and vision. Kelley (1988) said that “Good leaders know how to follow - they set good examples for others” this was really it for me; I want someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk. Actions truly speak louder than words for me I strive to become a person of humility and professional will. My team CEO is slowly gaining more respect from me each passing day, although being given a team, I am sure he was not expecting he decided to just push on, work even harder and inspire us to really contribute the best of our ability. The results of the first practice rollover are a confirmation to the team’s success so far. My CEO said to me in one of our first few meetings to trust in him, because he can definitely lead this team to success. So I as a humble follower this semester trust in his words and hope he can give me a new perspective on what good leadership should look like.


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142—148

Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolve. Harvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136–146

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  1. I really like your reflection, I think you did a great job in terms of talking about your experiences first and then linking that back to the theory of the two readings, the level 5 leadership and a great follower before ending with your resolve on what you would do. I struggled to find anything wrong with it, good job (smile)