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One of the prominent themes throughout the course has been the ability to reflect on our own learning. It is definitely something I have become more conscious of as I have progressed throughout the semester. It was interesting to further analyze this area within this week’s readings and gain a fresh insight into the concept of learning. Argyris, (1991) suggests that this concept is being viewed with a fundamentally narrow scope. The focus is being directed towards problem solving when in fact more onus needs to go towards individual behavior and the external environment. I can definitely see the benefit in using this model, as it identifies a potential limiting factor effecting our learning which is the inability to reflect on the problem solving process. I feel that without this crucial step, no improvements will take place in relation to how we are learning. By completing learning journals each week I feel that we are witnessing the benefits of this process and are applying this as a team towards the Mikes Bikes Simulation. This has helped the team to work more cohesively as a unit while also enabling as to identify and act on our past mistakes.

Another very interesting point made by Argyris, (1991) was that many top managers and executives actually struggle in their ability to complete this learning process effectively. Reasons for this were that these individuals do not often experience failure and are also at times critical of others opinions even when they are delivered by those with greater expertise in a specific area. Despite this being a surprising discovery, I certainly recognize the reasons behind this conclusion. My interpretation is that it is clear that employees within these positions would do little to initiate reflective practices and would be unwilling to contemplate the opinions and ideas of others when making business decisions. I don’t however completely agree that upper management are necessarily more effected by these problems effecting our learning. There are undoubtable many managers out there who are open to applying new theories and ideas and I think that this is a distinguishing factor in what makes an executive valuable to a company. In terms of the Mikes Bikes experience I do not think that our team is set back by these complications. As we continue to work through the reflective nature of the course we are continually becoming more open to each other’s ideas while simultaneously challenging our own. This again has helped to strengthen the quality of decisions made by our team each week.


Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4—15



  1. Alex Brunton

    Daudelin’s steps were followed pretty well but it’s hard to identify your problem definition. You have demonstrated that you have learnt something but you haven’t given a reason what caused you to learn the importance of reflection.

    There are some aspects of Bloom’s taxonomy applied your journal. I liked how you have questioned the theory. Try to relate the theory to other readings perhaps when you are questioning this current reading, maybe you can try finding research that contradicts the current weeks reading. This is only a minor thing though.

    The overall writing quality was very impressive, it was very enjoyable to read and your journal flowed very nicely.  

  2. Sorry about the late feedback.

    Firstly great work on the reflection. I found that it had a good flow, that made the transition between paragraphs and points clear for the reader, meaning that your points were conveyed effectively.

    I found that there were a few aspects of blooms taxonomy that apply to your journal entry for last week. I believe that it would have added extra depth to the journal entry if there had been a link from this reading to other reading in past weeks where appropriate, such as at the end of the first paragraph where you mentioned past mistakes and benefits you have witnessed through reflections, if you had given an example of this it would have added extra depth to the overall journal.

    Overall, great reflection! Good luck with future reflections