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My experience with MikesBikes this week did not go as I thought it would. Like usual, I had left the task to the night before with the belief that it'll take me a few hours tops. Boy was I wrong. It took me a good 2/3 hours before I had finally managed to increase my SHV to $16 and I was starting to prepare for a very long night ahead of me. With some luck, I somehow managed to get my SHV to $36 before calling it a night. Although I managed to reach the benchmark of $25 I was still very anxious and doubtful about my level of competency with MikeBikes and was worried about how it would then affect my performance in my team.

As I explained in my journal last week, i am not 100% convinced on the idea of teams because I have often been placed in a team where other members don’t pull their weight and have therefore let the team down. However, after this week's lectures and reflecting upon how hard I found MikesBikes, I was left panicking at the thought that because my ability and understanding of MikesBikes wasn't the greatest, that this time around I would be the person in the team who is letting everyone else down. It made me realize that as the CFO (a position where I have limited knowledge) I would need support from my team members in order to run the simulation successfully and I began to fully appreciate what it meant to be in a team. It also made me realize that I have a lot to learn and familiarize myself with before our first ‘rollover’.

Katzenbach & Smith,(1992) define a team as being a small number of people with complementary skills who work towards a common goal/have a specific purpose and have mutual accountability. After reading this I came to the conclusion that in business 101, I wasn't part of a team. Instead I was a part of a group as we all had different goals and no mutual accountability, this has now completely changed my feelings towards working in a team this semester and I am feeling much more positive. After meeting my team this week i am confident and excited to be working alongside them for the next 10 weeks.  We all shared common goals on what we want to achieve and established that open communication, collaboration and constructive feedback would be pivotal to our TEAM’S success in the coming months.


Katzenbach, J. R. & Smith, D. K. (1992). Why teams matterMcKinsey Quarterly, (3), 3--27



  1. I like how you outlined your problem - that you might be the one letting the team down with your MikesBikes struggle - and then analysed a possible solution;  needing support from your team members, thus following Daudelin's recommended steps.  I also liked how you considered the difference between what you previously felt and what you now felt in regard to teams working/not working.

    I think that to improve your journal for next week, you could more clearly explain how your realisations have/will affect your future behaviour, including specific examples?  Perhaps more specific than just relying on support from your team  - what exactly that looks like, what type of behaviours it entails?

    Hope this helps (smile)

  2. I really enjoyed reading your reflection. You’re not alone with the feeling of anxiety over MikeBikes. Your reflection has adopted Daudelin's reflection process with identifying the symptoms, analysing to find the cause, and the creation of experimentation to solve such a problem. Your reflection on your experience with your team and how it differed from your ‘group’ in business 101; appears to be an extremely positive start.

    A criticism for this reflection however, is your reflection on your issue with currently having limited knowledge of what exactly the CFO position entails and how to be successful in such a role.  A suggestion to improve your journal to being at the higher levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, is that once you have comprehensively defined the cause, reflection to discover multiple solutions rather than just one, you will be able evaluate all the alternative actions and select the best one to ensure a much more certain decision. This could be made possible by questioning what you can do to support yourself resulting in support for your team. For example, researching and adopting related material to the CFO position in MikesBikes from the SmartSim’s manual and CFO reflections from previous semesters could be of use.