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Having missed the first week of semester I felt a sense of anxiousness when forming teams in class and using Mikebikes. At first using solomike was quite intimidating and it felt like I was going nowhere.  However after reading through the advanced manual I became confident in making decisions. Now I feel confident moving forward into forming teams and competing against other teams.

The ideas of Oakley, Felder, Brent and Elhajj (2004) that teams diverse in abilities and skills make better decisions and higher performing.  From my experiences in other classes working with students in other faculties such as engineering become complicated due to the way they have been taught to work.  I have found that diverse teams have more information, but struggle to make decisions because of communication issues.

Schjoedt, Monsen, Pearson, Barnett & Chrisman (2013) discuss how different attributes such as skills, experience and goals can be collated by individuals to form effective teams. The idea discussed of teams having common goals to work effectively is something I strongly agree with. My experience from a strategy papers taught me the importance of every team within the unit having an understanding of how their contribution affect the overall strategic objectives. For this to happen there needs to be excellent communication of goals between individuals to align them through motivation. This will be very important to us as we form strategic objectives for our firms in Mikebikes.

These criteria for selection of team’s sounds great in theory, but as discussed in class it is most likely that only a few categories will be used in this process. Furthermore I am critical of how this is actually used in real life. A presentation from Fonterra on the importance of teams revealed that although they look at the theory of what makes great teams, but in reality they cannot put it into practice. What they actually do is try to get each individual aware of how their individual attributes and skills affect the rest of the team. Therefore feedback is crucial to mould individuals into effective teams.

Oakley, B., Felder, R. M., Brent, R., & Elhajj, I. (2004). Turning student groups into effective teams. Journal of student centered learning, 2(1), 9--34.

Schjoedt, L., Monsen, E., Pearson, A., Barnett, T., & Chrisman, J. J. (2013). New Venture and Family Business Teams: Understanding Team Formation, Composition, Behaviors, and Performance. Entrepreneurship: Theory & Practice, 37(1), 1-15. doi:10.1111/j.1540-6520.2012.00549.x 



  1. Hello Joshua,

    Good job on this journal! It was wonderful to see how you linked your reflection process to the two readings; this not only adds an interesting perspective but I think it also helps people work through the reflection process which you have done really well. Along with this you have done a fantastic job citing all the work you used, Although very well done, I do have two critiques.

    Firstly I would love to hear how your reflection process changed you; although you have a solid critique I would like to hear what you will do with this in the future. With these entries being learning journals I think it is important to specify how your behaviour will change.

    My second critique would just be to add a little more of a conclusion. As a reader I felt that the ending came very abruptly.

    Overall, a good job! Good luck with rest of MGMT 300.

  2. I thought this was a well written journal, in particular how you have incorporated and linked the readings to personal reflection and past experiences. This provides a nice free flow structure which is easy to follow and also provides interesting views of which i'm sure a lot of the class can relate too in being anxious about the formation of teams. 

    Although this was a well written journal, potential critiques would firstly to maybe elaborate on the personal experiences and maybe explain why the communication problems arose in other teams and how these problems could have been solved?

    Also a few minor grammar mistakes such as 'My experience from a strategy papers' however proof reading would be an easy remedy for them.

    hope this feedback is of some use and goodluck for the rest of the semester