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Over the past few weeks, and even more after this week’s readings, I am beginning to question how well mike’s bike simulates a functioning business. I still believe that it replicates some of the decisions that will be made but not all and only offers us a limited way of going about these decisions.

Firstly Davenport (2006) talks about the benefits of using analytics, he describes it helping a company to direct its energies to finding the right focus, people and technology. Reading the benefits of this I understand how practically we cannot have the option to do this but the benefits sound too good to pass up especially finding the right people. As much as I like my team I have to point out that not everyone was the perfect fit for the role that was given to them, even I. Feeling greatly under qualified the role came with so many challenges and still is I really feel like I was thrown into the deep end. My point to this is that in real business we would have the option to select the most suitable people for the role and take advantage of their expertise which would benefit the company.

Perhaps in the next semester Peter could set up workshops that better outline the roles for mike’s bike companies. I hope to keep improving my performance that I have been put in for the time being so that my lack of qualification will not be to the detriment of my team. For now I will continue to take mike’s bikes for what it is and learn from the thinking that it pushes me to do. If I should ever get into business myself though I am expecting it to be a different challenge to just entering figures into a computer.


Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98--107.

1 Comment

  1. This was a very good learning journal because it was concise and had good flow. You also covered the material in the readings well and had a good understanding of the key points. When I gave you feedback in week for I mentioned framing your ideas in terms of gaining knowledge from the readings then applying it to your group situation. You have clearly done this so well done.