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After some unfavourable results in last weeks rollover. It was crunch time for my group to do the best we could with almost no cash. This meant that we needed to put a lot of time and energy into ensuring a good balance of investment between each field in the company. After some careful analysis, we were very aware of what we had done wrong, both as individuals taking charge of our own departments, and as a group. This gave us a vision of how we could attempt damage control for this week to come. The biggest realisation we faced is that we didn't really set a clear strategy from the beginning of the simulation. We took all the advice we could find, and as a result we were sitting in the middle. Last week in particular, we invested too much into our middle of the road strategy and it didn't pay off which caused us to realise our error of judgement when creating the strategy.

I feel like at the beginning of the mikes bikes experience, I felt like I was thrown up a creek without a paddle, received no training of substance except for the generic manual. The real learning for not only me, but also for my team came from our unique experiences in our own group. Davies & Easterbury Smith (1984) reinforces this with the idea that learning happens in the form of experience and interactions with the environment. I think that to a degree, I can relate to this because of not having formal training with the foreign software at the beginning of the semester. However I think the only limitation to this theory in relation to our experiences is the fact that mikes bikes is a simulation, we experience a year's worth of organisational decision making and experiences in the space of a week. Im sure we would have faced a more rich learning experience based on everyday issues, challenges and experiences had we been in a real organisational context working as a real bike company. However, looking back, the experiences I have had in this simulation have helped me to confirm the theory that learning can really happen from experience.



Davies, J., & Easterby-Smith, M. (1984). Learning and developing from managerial work experiences. Journal of Management Studies, 21(2), 169--182. doi:10.1111/j.1467-6486.1984.tb00230.x


  1. Hi Lauren! (smile) 

    First of all, great journal entry. It was straight to the point, related and relevant to the theory you have discussed. In relation to Daudelin's framework, you have addressed your team's problem and analysed it well. You examined your issue by formulating and testing a theory by using Davies and Easterby-Smith's reading. In terms of taking action or planning to act, you did discuss what your team is planning to do in the future, but I think that it would've been better if you talked about it with an example of how you're going to do it, critically analysed it as well and supported it with theories/theory why you decided to do that particular strategy. 

    Great analysis of the simulation in relation to the reading. I do agree with you that learning can happen through experience. Your journal is easy to read and understand which means that you know and understand what you are talking about. Well done. (smile)

    All the best to you and your team! 


  2. Hi Lauren,

    Your reflection is easy to read well done, however i am struggling to find a problem that really hassled you in this weeks journal. The problem that you didnt have much cash was quite broad. Why didnt you have much cash was it becuase of team mistakes or? I would recommend reading Daudelins reading again just to refresh it in your mind! This could be super beneficial for your summative journal! You have also included a bit of knowledge from the readings which is good and shows that you have put the effort in to read them and then relate them back to the journal.


    Good luck for next week (smile)

  3. I feel like at the beginning of the mikes bikes experience, I felt like I was thrown up a creek without a paddle, received no training of substance except for the generic manual.

    So, do you feel more able to cope with situations like this ... because the happen in industry as well as here. For example, I know one Professional Service Firm who have just moved over to an ERP system. Many folk their feel they needed more training and time ....

    .... and yet some folk manage to 'work the problem' and have the resources to do better than others.

    You have a clear and concrete problem here. What have you learnt that will allow you to handle (better) similar situations in the future? What will you try and do differently?