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This week’s learning journal is based around the key concepts that arise out of Christensen’s (2010) ‘How will you measure your life?’ The key concept is that while pursuing a successful career in your chosen field, this is only one of the many aspects that contribute to the meaning of your life. From this reading, my experiences with mikes bikes, my experiences in this management 300 course and other experiences; I have begun to realise that although money and career success is my top priority at the moment, in the near future – these things will not make me as happy, when compared to other aspects such as family and friends.

Christensen (2010) states “Management is the most noble of professions if it’s practiced well. No other occupation offers as many ways to help others learn and grow, take responsibility and be recognized for achievement, and contribute to the success of a team.” This statement holds very true in my situation as I feel that although success as an individual can be great at times, the success of a team and being and contributing individual in that teams holds a lot more meaning. This has been evident in my experiences with mikes bikes, for example, during the individual practicing of mikes bikes to build our ‘cv’, being able to gain a SHV of $39 by myself was satisfying. However, as with my team ‘Doggiez Inc’ being able to get a SHV of $28.95 has been much more satisfying than my individual success, simply because my priority changed. As an individual my priority was to gain a high SHV, so once I obtained a reasonably high level, my satisfaction was only very brief until I craved more. This priority differed when in my team as it changed to wanting to learn from not only the role I was attempting to do, but also from my other team members; hence the satisfaction has been enduring. With regards to Christensen (2010), I have taken from this course that being in business is not for the sole purpose of money, but rather various purposes for the greater good, such as reducing poverty, contributing to raising the average education level etc. and from that, the money comes in. By taking on this view, I believe that when times get tough, because I will still have that purpose set in stone, everything I do will have meaning. This journal is a lot more ‘feelings’ and ‘beliefs’ than all my previous journals, maybe this is because of the realisation that money is not everything. Previously I have the statement “they say money doesn't buy you happiness. But, money buys you a jet ski. Have you ever seen someone on a jet ski unhappy?” hence my strong focus on monetary success. I believe now that I need to go back into deep reflection, using what I have learnt from this course in order to attempt to find some real points of meaning in my life that I can utilise in order to obtain enduring happiness.

Overall, this course has not just opened my eyes to reality of being a manager in business, but also being an individual in society in whom is valued. 

Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.


  1. Hi Timothy,

    Nice reading your journal again. I particularly liked this entry as you question what you have taken out of this course aside from a grade. I think everyone is starting to realise that mgmt 300 is a course with a lot to offer, not just something that can be measured quantitatively. Overall, a really good, thorough and critical journal. All the best for the summative!

    Lauren (smile)

    PS: I haven't ever seen someone on a jetski unhappy 

  2. Hey Timothy,

    This was certainly an insightful reflection. I too agree with what this course offers: more than just content. With regards to Daudelins guidelines of reflection, it is quite clear that you have followed it. With links to poverty and average education levels, I can see you are taking what is already quite a deep topic and expanding on it in your own personal way. Perhaps what you are learning from your other classes are complimenting what you have learnt in MGMT 300? Your writing quality was good and read fluidly. If I would recommend something very small, because MikesBikes is a noun, just remember to use a capital.

    Overall, interesting read. Best of luck! 

  3. I believe now that I need to go back into deep reflection,

    Hopefully, that was what you were doing here...


    Overall, it sounds as if you are starting to transition into the summative learning journal. That's okay, but it makes it hard for me to give you too much constructive feedback on your reflective process (that's my problem, not yours).

    I like how you are trying to integrate experiences across courses, etc., That is promising in regard to the summative learning journal.