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Articulation of a problem

One problem I identified this week was my lack of communication with my team. I feel as though I didn’t really talk enough with my team about decisions I was making or thoughts I was having.

Analysis of that problem

I feel as though this could’ve been because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to speak up, which is often the case when working with a new group of people. In an article written by Robert Kelly (1988) I read that an effective follower/someone in a team is a person who is actively engaged in conversations. This means that having confidence to discuss decisions and voice your opinions are essential to the overall success of the team.

Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem

One theory I hypothesised was familiar in other group projects, where team members are often withdrawn in the first few weeks when it comes to being involved in discussions. The problem I faced with being quiet this week was most likely due to feeling reluctant to ask big questions like I know I have struggled with previously in other group scenarios. I feel as though I can work on this by creating a list of things to bring up before our next group meeting, so I feel more prepared with what I would like to talk about.

Action/deciding whether to act

From this, I hope to be more assertive with asking questions and being more actively involved in our discussions. I do usually consider myself an extrovert, but I think communication is definitely an area I can improve. I will definitely gather my thoughts before going into next week when I meet with my group next.


Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36--48.

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  1. There is a lot to like in this learning journal Tessa. I wonder if my comments on Anga Whakamua will help do even better learning journals. 

    That said, the biggest weakness seems to be in the Action part. Saying "I hope to be more assertive" seems like a big step, especially given "reluctant to ask big questions like I know I have struggled with previously in other group scenarios." Is there some smaller/intermediate step you could take. Indeed, the "list" seems more like it should action part and seems much more achievable than trying to be more assertive.

    If it works, then you will have definitely learnt something that you can transfer to other situations; if it doesn't then you can revisit it in another learning journal.

    You seem to be on a good trajectory with your LJs, and if you continue to improve this way, I would be surprised if you had problems when it comes time to do the Summative Learning Journal.

  2. Hi Tessa, 

    Great to see you following Daudelin's framework, it makes the journal easy to read. Just to help you reflect more thoroughly, I would have loved to see you state what is it about speaking up with a new group of people that makes you feel less comfortable especially since you would normally class yourself as an extravert which sounds contradicting. Otherwise, this was a great read and hopefully in the upcoming weeks, you start to feel more comfortable talking about your decisions and thoughts with your team because communication is definitely key to optimise individual and team performance and productivity! All the best. 


  3. Hi Tessa, 

    Just by going through your journal it is great to see it structured out nicely. It was very easy to follow, the clear problem stated, Clear link to the theory and then to finish things off you've given a solution. 

    By looking at the comment above, I too think to improve this journal further you could state some specifics. For example, your problem/issue is not being comfortable in asking questions. Therefore, you could state why it is that you are uncomfortable or reluctant to asks questions. By doing this you are giving more detail in the journal by linking to specific relevant detail which will lift the journal.