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I’ve been thinking about the opportunities we’ve missed in the past few weeks. Before the holiday, one of our team members said that we should consider buying another company, although this may cost a certain amount of money, but this has Great potential opportunities to get bigger and better returns. Because this is equal to saying that giving up the market opportunity led us to a more passive situation, that is, only two weeks left to greatly improve our shv. 

At that time, based on the need to use money for new product promotion, and I never thought it would be a good opportunity, I have not considered this matter carefully, and I think the best opportunity at that time should still be in the market. The competition wins, that is, to occupy the market as much as possible, so that you can gain an advantage in other competitions in the future. But now I realize that there is no time limit in market competition in real life. There is no such end time, and there is such a limitation in our business simulation, which means that we have a large strategic profit from the beginning. The magnitude has shrunk, and realizing this has made me a little frustrated.

According to Schwartz (2007) identifies the four main sources of energy for humands are the body, emotions, mind, and the spirit. I think that my emotions and spirits have had a certain impact, which makes it difficult for me to focus on how to improve our shv as in the previous weeks, because I have some doubts and disbelief about the previous goals. Doing something with energy often means high efficiency, which saves time and does things well. So you need to adjust your state before you do everything, both physically and psychologically. In addition, Christensen, C. M. (2010) said that ''Opportunities that you never planned for emerge. But if you misinvest your resources, the outcome can be bad.'' Let me have a better understanding of this business world and I have some comfort in my current state. In the later work life, even if I don't do anything, I will take some time to consider whether there is any feasibility, and then consider whether the resource allocation is sufficient.

In order to develop the current business simulation, I need to adjust my own state, from new design opportunities and goals, which allows me to have enough energy to work better with the team and make the right thinking and decisions. This requires more questions and full discussion, so that we can not miss the many potential opportunities that we have not planned at this stage.

Reference :

Christensen, C. M. (2010). How Will You Measure Your Life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46–51. Retrieved from

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  1. Hi Hao, 

    If I am honest I found this journal entry quite hard to understand and as though it did not really flow, I think you should look at further proofreading your journal entries before you submit them to ensure they will make sense to a reader! I honestly cannot really interpret what you are trying to get across as your problem or what you have learnt from it and therefore, don't really know what to comment other than to really work on making this a lot clearer throughout your journal entry.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more specific help this week but I don't quite understand this entry... 

    Have a good weekend none the less, 


  2. Hi Hao

    I do have to agree with Tayla as the journal was quite hard to read. I can see you are stating a problem but it is not clearly defined as what it actually is. The journal seems to be quite vague. The use of academic articles helps to focus your point on "energy" but I can't quite understand how this connects. I think for next week's journal to go back and focus on Dauedlin's structure for reflection. I think this will help a lot in the structure of the entry and will help you when you come back to do your summative journal. 

    Good luck!