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Learning Journal Week-03

I’ve had a very long stressful and tiring week, and I’m not going to lie but I have not had time to do any of my readings for this class, which just means a lot more work for me next week. I’m quickly learning that with all the time meetings and discussions I’m going to have to be more on to it with my time management, because even after only missing a week of readings I feel very behind already.

Coming into week three I knew it was going to be a big week, because this was the first week we would get to properly work in our teams and actually sort out our team dynamics, and at the end of this week I am so happy with how my team works and how well we all get along. We were able to get into a nice flowing rhythm straight away, and we were all able to agree on a strategy and how we wanted to approach the Multi-Player Mikes Bikes. And I feel like this really helped us out in our success of the first week. We decided to take a few major risks this week, which made me so nervous, especially as the roll-over day approached, but I don’t regret a decision we made, especially because we are doing quite well against our competitors. I really hope it stays like this! Our skills and understandings in Mikes Bikes have also increased greatly and I am very happy with how much we have learned in one week.

At the end of this week I’m actually so happy I’ve chosen this course, and I actually like MGMT 300 a lot more now (because I actually understand Mikes Bikes, so it’s not so daunting anymore). I feel like this is most likely due to my team and how well we all actually get along. I’m fast learning that I need much better time management especially in conjunction with this course, and I hope that next week I can get back on track.


  1. Despite not doing the readings this is a good reflection. You have followed the steps required for effective reflection by identifying the problem (not doing the ) and analysing it before discussing solutions. I can relate to how you are finding time management as an important skill to master, its one I am finding very necessary in this course. The only things I can recommend you to improve upon would obviously be to find time to do the readings, however your following the reflection guidelines very well!!

  2. yeah it is a good reflection, maybe next time do a quick skim read and chuck some quotes in to make it look like you have done the readings!! I like that you talked about mikes bikes, you could have possibly talked about the role you play in your team and how you feel about working together or how you feel about mikes bikes. Do you believe you should have got a different role and why?? i like that you discussed how you should improve yourself. In some of the reflections I have read, people do not discuss their emotions or how they have developed thus far so it is good you have included these factors because to me they are needed in a reflection. I also found it easier to relate to you because you talked about your feelings of the course (smile)  it made me feel as if you were like me, that I am not the only one who was/is worried about mikes bikes

  3. i also like that you were honest about having not done the readings because you could have lied, in spite of what i previously said