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In last week's journal, I expressed my unease with the absence of two of our team members when we had our first meeting and the fact that we did not know if they were going to be effective members of our team for the semester. Since my last entry, our other two members have joined the group and they seem to be very enthusiastic and also competent with the running of MikesBikes. Along with this we have gained a new team member who looks as though he will be a great asset to our team. So far it looks like we're on track.

After our first full team meeting, I found myself reflecting on my own input and the role that I may take in the groups dynamics for the semester. There are members in the team who have a much better grasp on the MikesBikes simulation when compared to myself and those members tended to take charge in the meeting when it came to thinking about decisions and strategies. I realised that i tended to sit back and sort of watch everything happen and add small comments in here and there. I wonder whether this will be norm for the whole semester or whether this is only because it is the start and I will begin to add in more as the semester progresses. It was good that there were members who were able to take charge as we may have ended up really struggling in these first weeks, however it is not good that I wasn't adding much input and I need to strive to be an effective and influential member of this team. I don't want to just be the one who sits back and watches everyone else do everything as I know how annoying people like that can be. In my business 102 team last year, I had a member in my group who was not interested in working at all and barely ever contributed to any discussions or team exercises. This person was harmful to the team as they tended to distract some members which weakened our effectiveness as a team. I do not want to be this person so my goal in the coming weeks is to take more of a charge in our group.

Apart from this, the week has gone great and our group seem to be trucking along wonderfully with ongoing discussions constantly gong on through our Facebook page concerning different decisions we can make. Hopefully this continues through the whole semester and our results serve as a worthy indication of our efforts.  


  1. An interesting summary of your current team status at the moment, it is an interesting read. However there are still rooms to improvement by relating to the theories that were introduced from the reading this week, for example what impacts of let your followers taking initiation have to your team? Does that make them an effective follower, and what a level 5 leader or effective follower could of done to further improve your mike's bike team. Overall an interesting read, however it can still be improved greatly.

  2. I think your journal shows a great amount reflection upon your position in your team. It would help you if some reflection of a team as a whole has been brought out I think by doing so you could evaluate your performance regarding your team as a whole and also by relating to the readings this week would really help your learning journal. For example, relating to your leader's leadership style with your performance could explains if it influences upon your behaviour. (I know as we reflect on ourselves often we are quite harsh on ourselves) If you reflect on the group dynamics and leadership structures of the group you may find it explains much of the group members behaviour. For example perhaps you sit back and contribute not as much to the group due to expectations were no established or the leader have not set objectives for the team as a whole etc.