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This week , I have learnt a lot, but nothing from the readings. Why? Because I didn't do them.

From last week's reviews the suggestions were to include the readings in my journals, and yes, I do agree, however. I have to look for something to write about because I didn't do the readings and the reasons are endless. 

Because this week was the first week of the simulation rounds, I felt in some sense I was taking on a leadership role in the group, My role in the group is CFO and up until Thursday, our group were waiting for answers from me for what we can and can't do. It was so much pressure. One night I sat down and had a good look at MikesBikes and really differentiated my role from that of the others. I discovered my role isn't to give others the green light on what they can do but to facilitate what each department wanted to do in order to increase SHV. This became evident to me at a later stage and by that time I had done a lot for the group which isn't a bad thing in terms of how much time I had spent on it, but it was in the sense where I didn't feel so specialised to make these decisions. From this experience, I feel like I was in some way taking on a leadership role as I felt like the group were relying on me in order to operate, however. I only think of this role as managing and not leading. This became a problem.

I was thinking to myself of ways to get around everyone being so reliant on me. I guess the solution was easy, I just told them, and they listened. 

Leadership to me is something I have done in the past in sports teams and community programs however it was never something I enjoyed. I feel like the pressure to perform was greater than the idea of accepting criticism and developing. The idea of a leader to me is someone like Steve Jobs, someone with vision and exceptional ways of thinking. I don't think I possess that and that is something I have pondered this week. In saying so, I decided that I will continue doing what I am doing now, and making sure I keep everyone else in line with what I have in mind as my role. This may just help me think more about what I can do in terms of leadership to assist our team. 


  1. Hello Kakala,

    Well this was an interesting journal to read this week. As you have noted you couldn't get round to completing any of the readings but what you have done is portray how you have taken on a leadership role as the CFO of your team. It's a brave choice to do this decision and in my experience I feel it is harder than the CEO. Moving forward and into leadership and following readings it was clear to see that you have shown initiative and looked deeply into your reports for Mikes Bikes. This aspect is going to be really important to you on a weekly basis so you can figure out budgets for each department (you need budgets when planning for future). I also enjoyed how you have shown leadership through personal experiences outside of your education in sports teams and community programs (something I am also highly involved in).

    Looking towards the future, I understand that everyone has different circumstances for why they couldn't get any readings done but even if you could try and get one done it would be helpful as some of them are only very short. I believe that you could relate at least one back to leadership as a CFO and this would make your learning journal so much stronger. 

    Remember we do these each week in order to complete a 80% reflective journal at the end of semester and all the readings will be vital for the final journal.


  2. Hey there,

    Despite not including aspects of the readings, as you touched on, I still found your experiences as CFO quite interesting. It is certainly a role that I would find quite intimidating, and one that would be hard to define the responsibilities for. As for how well you covered Daudelins guidelines of reflection: I feel as though you have touched on the stages of reflection (i.e articulation of problem, analysis, formulation, and action), however, not in order, and that is something I could suggest you can work on for your next reflection. To reach Blooms higher levels of Taxonomy,integration of readings would obviously be helpful in that outcome, but I'm sure you are already aware of that. To end on a positive, your writing  style was quite good I thought, and I found it it fluid and easy to read. Good luck for the rest of your journals. 

  3. Thanks guys! These are probably the most useful reviews I've had to date...Will take them into account! (smile)