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This week in Mgmt300, I've learnt a lot. Last week was a depressing week but this week were looking good. Despite our really crap SHV I feel like our team worked well.

Because of the poor results in our last turnover, our team were reacting to what we could've prevented from the beginning but with a positive attitude which I enjoyed being a part of. We emailed Smart Sims for some help, and they provided us with some advice on where to go while operating at a loss and in overdraft. These of course was something we should have done from the beginning or at least when we realised our strategy wasn't going according to plan but the effort we put into this weeks decision making was probably the most we've had throughout this entire simulation. We looked into our reports and although we've pretty much been disowned from the market, it was still enjoyable to feel like we were working together and helping each other out. I think our teams performance has been the best one to date. We didn't make enough sales to cover our costs and now our debt to equity ratio is extremely high, but we thought we had to take the loan out in order to finance the things we had planned. We reduced our loss by $2m, we've got some cash in our bank and paid off the overdraft, plus our brand awareness has caught up to other companies in our market. Although our SHV went down, I still feel like our collaborate effort this week on making the decisions was the highlight of my week. 

I just walked out of another business class talking about Fletcher Challenge. The whole time I was doing the readings for this paper talking about Corporate Strategy, I realised our company started off as a question mark and became a dog at the end (Hedley, 1977). This obviously is not one of the readings for this course this week, but I just felt like our company began with high growth and low market share. We demanded high cash in order to fund the release of 5 new products at the beginning but we our cash generation wasn't great, hence taking out a massive loan in the third roll over and because still did not generate sufficient cash from sales to finance the growth we became dogs - low growth and low market share. Having read this made me understand more how our company was functioning and how we should have established a strategy from the beginning, however. The understanding myself and the rest of the group have gained from this is probably more valuable.

In terms of this week's readings, I think our team sort of took on  a granular approach as discussed by Mehrdad (2009) but did not execute it very well. We didn't have a great understanding of market potential or the relationship between market momentum and market share gains. However, this week, we did look into the markets and well, we've just lost the motivation to even compete. We're basically being eaten up by the leading company in our market, and the motivation to continue has declined. Of course we can't just sit here and not do anything, but we are really focusing in on our summative journals now. 

That's pretty much what I have taken away from Mgmt 300 this week.


  1. Hi Kakala,

    In terms of what you have learnt this week, this journal is one of the best - it was really encouraging and a pleasure to read!  I feel like you really identified with silver lining in your team, that despite your less-than-desired performance you are still banding together and doing something positive, not just sitting there.  At the end of the day, you will be (most likely) be working in teams in your future job, and you most likely won't be using MikesBikes, so I feel like learning to work together and gel as a team is more important than learning how to increase your SHV in a fictional bike company.

    In regards to the improvement I mentioned in regards to your week four journal entry, I feel that you are at the same level.  I mentioned that you could perhaps proof read your journal to identify some areas of incorrect grammar and syntax, and while these do still exist in your entry this week, your overall level of writing and the thought you have put into this entry is stunning.

    I wish you and your team the best of luck for the next two rollovers.  Remember it's not over yet, and it sounds like your team has the right attitude and is heading in the right direction (smile).

  2. Kakala,

    A very good learning journal this week. This is extremely insightful and revealed a lot about your thoughts and experiences with the mikes bikes simulation. However maybe a more evident incorporation of Daudelin’s reflection process would help you really get down to the roots of the problems you identify and generate some really good possible solutions to solve them. From reviewing your journal in week 4, you have come a long way. You have created a good title, and the level of thought and questioning of your statements is a lot higher almost at the highest levels of bloom’s taxonomy, however the multiple grammar and syntax errors tend to weaken the effect of your ideas as at times it is hard to comprehend what you are trying to convey. I would suggest before submitting your next journal, read it out aloud, and listen to see if the sentences and the use of grammar sound right.