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LJ09 2019 

This week is the ninth class for this course. This week we have realized we do not really know what we are doing, and we have made some mistakes along the way of this course. We were on the top but now we have dropped so low that we are second to last, what a fall from grace. We have realized we made a mistake thinking we know what we were doing. There is nothing we can really do about the mistake we did but all we can all take is that this is such a big learning curve and we have learnt so much from this experience.

The mistake we have made. We bought another company thinking we can help each other and profit from each other companies. We did not realize how much work it was, and we did not realized that it actually is harder than we initially thought. As well as we thought we knew what we were doing but this fall has made us realized we were not super sure of what we were doing, and we should have analyzed more carefully and think more clearly and have better discussions before making big decisions. That’s all we can take and learn from it. We did make this decisions on a rush basis and it does show we did not think clearly and we are taking the hit right now.

Besides that, making sure your own company is already hard and the fact that we decided to take over another company and try to help them out is twice as hard. We did not realize how hard it was going to be and we thought we could have done it. Honestly, I really do think we could have done it but I feel like if we had more time we could have done it. We should have realized that we should have tried managing ourselves. According to Drucker (1999), we should have known to manage ourselves, our company before trying to help or manage other companies and people. All we can is be grateful as we can take this as a learning curve and apply it to our future tasks.



1)      Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing Oneself. Harvard Business Review, 8391), 100-109. Retrieved from


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  1. Hi Natalie,

    That sounds stressful! Nice incorporation of the reading about managing oneself, however I think you could have followed Daudelins structure for a more reflective piece, and maybe even included some more theory about why your group is unsure in the simulation.

    Good luck for next week!

  2. Hey there,

    sorry about the late review... I've been extremely busy recently for many reasons...

    Sounds like a rough patch for your team coming into the last few weeks... Your reflection however is really good and you've found some good theory to back up your ideas. Carry them forward and things should pick up! (smile)

    Sorry again.., Cam