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I was reading through Larry E Greiner's article (1972) and it got me reflecting on the past semester and the decisions we have made with Mikes Bikes. It got me thinking whether we have been growing well as our simulation went on.

I have noticed that as a group over the last semester we did not do a great job at delegating our roles. We spent a lot of time around 1 computer and making all the decisions from there.

What this meant we took longer to make decisions that we could have made quickly. It also meant that we did not get to go deeper into the decisions we could have. We were only able to research the surface of each area we needed to analyse. This meant that we were not able to get the precise numbers for everything and make our choices far more fine tuned.

In Larry E. Greiner's article he talks about delegation being about giving more responsibility is given to managers of plants and market territories. Although this doesn't have a direct correlation with our business simulation game, I can still see how it applies. It shows us that if our final decisions came from different people working on different things it would help our team grow our business in the game. The article also says "Communication from the top is infrequent, usually by correspondence, telephone, or brief visits to field locations" (1972, page 7). This shows us that we should put more trust in our team mates to fill their role and have minimal contact with others final decisions outside of those that need to be made by correlating with others. This is not to say that communication is key but when we are well running we do not need 6 people around 1 computer.

Although there are only 3 rollovers left we can still fix this problem. Next weeks we need to get our heads down and work out who needs to study what areas of our company so that we can be more efficient and go deeper in our potential of growing our company in the game.

Reference list

Larry E. Greiner. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organisations grow. Retrieved from:


  1. Hey James, 

    Great use of the theory in this journal entry, it helps you to unpack what's been going on in your group and hopefully learn from it. It was a good read in the learning journal, however it would have been nice to split up the theory apart from the problem. In short i think focus a little on your structure as it will help you to retrieve the information you need to for your summative learning journal (big grin) 

  2. Hey James, 

    Great use of theory mixed with the practicality of MikesBikes. We've actually been doing the same as you and didn't ever think it was out of the ordinary or the downside of it. I do think you need to talk about the positive and the negative a lot more about your performance as a team until now. Maybe work on your structure so its easier to scope out the points you need to go through for your Summative. 

    Good Luck for the rest of the weeks!