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This week the main problem that me and my team faced was our direction and my own direction. for the last 3 weeks we had held the same SHV, which was disappointing and disheartening, as we felt we were doing the best we could. The week prior our direction and goal was to help the team that we had purchased, but unfortunately through no fault of their own they did not achieve what we thought they might, which left us as a group confused and slightly more lost, as we had almost focused more on our subsidiary team than ourselves

The articulation of this problem is that we had no forward momentum, and as a CEO it made me feel lost, and lacking the confidence that I had had in the earlier stages. After a meeting with peter I realised that it was not solely on me to make the larger decisions. I knew this already, but whether it was my own ego or a sense of responsibility i still tried to be the main decision maker. this week has once again made me realise how grateful I should be at the team that I have, who are confident and effective in their decisions.

The action that i took this week and try to take each week is stepping back, and taking a wider look at the game. Each person works their roles well and I no longer feel like questioning their decisions, even if marketing may be a big spender. This action is quite difficult to me, as I always like to be more hands on in the work and like to trust my own work, however my tam has given me the confidence i need to be able to have in them.

Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48


  1. Hi Hunter, 

    I found your journal quite interesting and am glad that you took initiative in this scenario to have a meeting with Peter and be reminded that decisions are not solely your responsibility although you are CEO. It is disappointing when you can't quite figure out why you are not moving forward in the game. Your learning journal is insightful as you did not only concentrate on outcome, but rather the process you go through towards creating a higher SHV.

    I admire the action that you have decided to take, as stepping back to look at the bigger picture is a valuable skill to have. 

    Good luck for the upcoming weeks tasks. 

  2. Hi Hunter, 

    I like how you have rounded off your journal as it has been made clear that by simply taking a step back and trusting in your team is the action you will take moving forward. 

    In saying this Is the problem the direction or the trust you have in your team? Because it seems the solution is taking a step back but if you have not moved up in SHV perhaps a more hands on role is necessary if you want to move up? 

    Obviously i am not sure of the exact situations in the game but in order to get a better direction perhaps a better solution may have been to try something different, or to look at what is going wrong.