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Last week’s reflection came to the conclusion that I our team need to communicate better and include the whole team in decisions. I forgot to write about my role in this (although I reflected on it). I had planned to take action though allowing others to speak up and have their say as well as I can be very dominating in convocations and tend to drown others out, and I also tend to move though things fast, not allowing the whole team to gather what is going on.

This week we as a team seemed to have everyone on board with the convocation and what was going on, however some discussions were still not involving of the whole team. We solved the one issue of everyone being on the same page tough having a meeting room where we could have a projector screen and whiteboard to guide the team as to where we were at and where we are going. This visual resource assisted the team and brought the team back to the key points we wanted to discuss, therefore, I felt as though we moved though the points quicker and more efficiently. In terms of participation, having the visual resource also assist as people knew what was going on, thus they could keep up and continue to have input. However, I felt as though I still continued to dominate the convocation more than I see necessary when I reflect back. I still cut people off and blocked people off from having their say. After thinking about this for a while, I’m not exactly sure why I tend to do this, however I’m sure it must be frustrating for my team members and is something I am going to continue to work on fixing. In not really knowing the cause of the problem it makes it hard to know how to fix it. Although I realise that this reflection is supposed to discuss this, I feel as though I need more time to reflect on it, and also reflect on the feedback my team mates feedback before I begin to make some real analysis. Therefore, in saying this, I will do some real reflecting on this, and really monitor my actions in the coming weeks meeting to really see where the cause of this problem lay.



  1. Hi Jennifer, I can see you understand what the problem is through your journal, since you have already lay out your plans and action. I wish the best and good luck on solving it. There is nothing else I could comment on because you didn't provide any problem hypothesis or solving strategies as you havn't thought of any. 

    All the best!

  2. Your journal lacks depth, and although you touched on the problem your team encountered over the past week you failed to critically analyse this problem using Daudelin's four stage process. In future you may find that readings from the current or previous week will help you dig into the problems your group are facing, or may help in adding to you reflection. you are definitely heading in the right direction and I can tell you have thought about overcoming the problem you have outlined, however there is a lot more that you could have said in both analysing and trying to overcome the issues you faced this week. Good luck with the rest of the course (smile)