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So here we are! Week 10 and I bet everyone is glad to be writing their last learning journal before the big summative journal is due in. I have learnt a lot throughout this semester and especially in MGMT 300. The article by Greiner, ‘Evolution and Revolution as Organizations grow’ is a topic I have previously covered in BUS 304 so my journal for the week will be conveyed through Clayton Christensen, and ‘How Will I Measure Your Life’. Therefore what I have learnt this week is that maybe my life is already on the right track. Who needs to change pathways if you are heading in the right direction right!

Christensen (2010) talks about how allocating your resources will help you to shape your strategy in life. I currently have my own resources and I know I will obtain more over my life time to achieve my life strategy. But what is my strategy? (Something I will critique later on from Christensen’s’ article). Obviously I feel my current resources I feel I have are being in employment for 8 years in the same job, building friendships and relationships outside of work and university, and most importantly the resources I have learnt over my last 3 years at Auckland University to name a few.

One piece of information I found valuable towards me in Christensen’s article was the line of “just this once” (2010). It is true through Christensen’s article that if you doing something just this once it will lead to doing it over and over again where it becomes a habit. May 2013 was a time in my life where I suffered a serious head injury from playing rugby. Not only did it end my career but changed my life dramatically. I wasn't able to drive, I wasn't able to be left alone, I forgot weeks of theory that I had studied in class. To be honest the worse time of my life. What I find interesting from the “just this once” scenario is that I was given the opportunity to play rugby again when I was told I never could. One specialist told me that I could play while another one said I couldn’t. I was really stuck in the mind of do I do it this one time or not. I decided not to and I personally believe it was this decision that changed who I am today. Who knows what might have happened. Rugby players have been serious injured and passed away form the injury I have suffered. So playing in a one off occasion I know would have lead onto playing more games, and ultimately could have ended up in a critical state.

However, there is one point I would argue about from Christensen’s reading and that is to do with what is my strategy. Christensen (2010) notes that strategy is around “how can I ensure that my relationship with my family proves to be an enduring source of happiness?” Christensen also goes onto note that organizations are built up around how managers invest in their company and how do they allocate their resources. I would argue that it strategy can be around the culture of your business. If you are able to build and maintain an established culture that may change with evolutionary and revolutionary stages then I believe this will lead your company to success. Similar to how families lead to success through culture. I have been with my girl for 7 years and the culture we have built will continue with the generations of family to come after us. Yes times may be tough (like business), and we may have differences where to allocate our resources (like business). But if we can get through it and stick with each other, (i.e. motivating employees, keeping them engaged, offering feedback) then this will ultimately indicate towards having brighter future.

I have decided to base my journal for the week around my personal life. To be honest I can’t really dwell on too much of how our team is doing in Mikes Bikes because our SHV is low, but we have come a long way as a group.

Good luck for the people who are reviewing my journal in their final summative journal and for your exams (smile)


Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for this enjoyable read, the way you have structured this journal and made it flow well together helped me to understand your point a lot more effectively, so well done!

    I like how you have questioned the theory and overlapped the theorist's opinion with your own. This shows you have critically thought about the concept.

    All I can leave you with here is I suppose to just reinforce Daudelin's structure and remind you to do so for your summative! Also, if you choose to refer to this particular journal for your summative then try and incorporate at least a few experiences from your MikesBikes simulation to help strengthen your views on Christensen's (2010) points. For example, was there ever a time that you and your group have done something "just the once" that lead to inefficient results? Could that possibly be the reason that your SHV is low? Might be good to consider (smile)

    You are my last ever student to review for this course! Good luck to you too, you will do well! (smile)

    1. Hi Reem,

      Thanks for your feedback. I will be looking at putting this weeks journal into my final summative, and thanks for pointing out that I should put Mikes Bikes examples i n with this journal.

      Good luck to you too (smile)

  2. This was a really good learning journal (smile) 

    A different approach that was inviting and I was able to relate to. I really liked how you used the ideas and theories from Christensen and tied them in to your personal experiences.

    I did however feel like the focus of your learning wasn't relevant enough to this course. Peter said something in that Q & A session about making sure that the ideas around what you learnt this semester is rooted in material or experiences in MGMT300 rather than rooted in what you learned in 'life'. Seeing as you pointed out in the other comment you want to use this for your big journal I'd suggest trying to relate it more to Mike's Bikes experiences as Peter suggested

    Also I noticed that there wasn't a clear following of Daudelin's Framework.

    With the quality of your writing and how well it flows, just placing the 'anchor' in MGMT300 and chuck in some daudelin you're going to do well (smile) good luck

    1. Thanks for your feedback Vincent.

      I will take it all on board when I start writing my summative this week sometime.

      Good luck for your final few weeks (smile)