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This week although two members short, we managed to be rather successful. But this was after a phase of self-doubt and a lot of number crunching for myself. Our group operates in a way in which we are split into a marketing department and an operations department. As we were a marketing member down, the responsibilities of making the marketing decisions and primarily handling of calculations fell on my lap. Although having a fairly good idea of what to do, I felt the pressure of having to work out how to optimally tackle the numbers without the confidence of my fellow team member.

From a very young age I have managed to convince myself that I am incapable of handling maths, even though I do just fine. Based on this lack of confidence, going into this week, I was rather worried. My stress stemmed from the fact that we were dealing with a much larger number of bikes than previous weeks due to having a launch this week. This meant that our budget was rather constrained, and that consideration would need to be given to a more optimal spread of funds. I think Christensen (2010) puts it well when saying “Opportunities that you never planned for emerge. But if you misinvest your resources, the outcome can be bad”. I needed to best handle our funding in order to ensure that we were focussing the marketing budget on areas that we more greatly needed it in whilst also dealing with new bikes. 

In terms of more optimally handling a similar situation in future rollovers, I would want to be better informed in areas that I lack in. Better researching into areas such as distribution that I don’t have the strongest understanding in would allow me to ideally move our funding around to match the necessitates of that rollover, without needing to rely on my teammates. Thus, a stronger understanding of areas that can be modified or altered to allow for funding to be reallocated, would be beneficial. This would be highly useful particularly in weeks where we don’t have the largest budget to work with. Leading into the coming weeks with a greater number of bikes than before, this knowledge becomes vital.

My team was very supportive and patient as I tackled my way through the numbers, and I was pleased with the outcome. It was truly a learning experience as it gave me a chance to develop my own confidence. I now know that in future rollovers, if a similar situation were to occur, I am capable of completing the task. Through having gone through this Daudelin’s reflection process (1996) I now know areas that I could further work on in order to improve efficiency as well.  I hope to continue to challenge myself in rollovers to come. 


Christensen, C. M. (2010). How Will You Measure Your Life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46–51. Retrieved from

Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3)




  1. very reflective journal; such a good read. 

    you have knuckled down on the daudelin structure and refer well to other readings. you have reflected really well on your own personal experience and have portrayed your problem very effectively.

    only thing i would suggest is to elaborate a little more on the quote used and how it related specifically to you i.e. what opportunities did you encounter that was not planned IF you did encounter any - this was the only part i did not automatically understand

    overall, great journal 

  2. Hey Sanara,

    First, the Daudelin structure makes it easy for readers to keep up with your ideas and logic and know what the key points you are discussing. In the journal you mentioned that your team has two players, so when you find that you have too much work to do, it may be more efficient to seek teammates' help than to complete the excess task by yourself. Secondly, in the journal, you said that you don't understand some places. At this time, you should try to get reliable and effective information is the first step, for example, the teacher. Overall, a very good reflection.

    Good luck!