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Articulation of the Problem: As many will have seen, we were bought out a couple of weeks ago. Without any prior warning, notice or communication, we were taken over - in very a hostile way. As CEO, I was not pleased at all, especially as we were bought out in a rare week of poor performance, where the other team had to take out max debt to purchase us in a very lucky window. As a result, I wasn't functioning with as clear a head as I had before and was losing focus on our vision, as this party exercised virtual authority over us. As Schwartz states in his work, when people do not take control of their emotions and are feeling negative, we operate less effectively and perform worse (Schwartz, 2007). This is affected me.

Analysis of the Problem: In a nutshell, my energy was not level. It wasn't right and it needed changing. It could definitely be changed.

Theories to explain the problem: As Schwartz reiterated, the quality of our energy is essential to our functioning and performance. He says, "most people realise that they tend to perform best when they're feeling positive energy. What they find surprising is that they're not able to perform well or to lead effectively when they're feeling any other way" (Schwartz, 2007). It is only when we learn to reverse the above (articulation of the problem) that will we see results and solid performance.

Solution: A simple solution stated in the article was the ritual of 'buying time'. Where simple deep breathing is enough to induce relaxation and recovery, turning off the fight-or-flight response, as the inhaling and exhaling promotes the feeling (Schwartz, 2007). This is something I will now do more often, not only in MGMT, but in all future similar situations in life.


Schwartz, T. (2007). Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time. Harvard Business Review85(10), 63–73. Retrieved from

1 Comment

  1. Hey Calvin,

    Great reflection. It's good to see you've used Daudelin's framework since my last comment on another of your journals where I recommended it. You've clearly identified the problem, maybe for the analysis of the problem you could've said how your energy wasn't level, it's been written that the takeover put you out a bit but in what way? Did your energy mean you weren't being a proactive CEO or was it your decision making/delegating that was specifically impacted by the takeover?

    Other than that, great job. I hope the upcoming week offers a bit more peace of mind for you and things start looking up.