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During this week our team has met up during class time and with extra hours to discuss strategies we’d like to take on for the practice rounds of Mike’s Bike. From my observation, the dynamic of our team is very well set; everyone gets along, wants to strive for excellence, share a common goal and understand their role within the team. However, from our meetings this week I have noticed the structures of our meetings lacks objectives often I find ourselves going in all directions discussing too many possibilities and unable to make effective decisions quickly. This brings up my concerns of being a leader in this group, clearly I have not set clear objectives for the meetings thus explaining why we have not been able to stay on task from this week’s performance I’d like to set some clear objectives for each of the meetings next week providing members with what we’d like to achieve in each meetings to improve the quality of our meetings.  


All members within my group are capable of being great leaders, this has let me falsely believe that my job has became easier, there’s a less needed chance of me ‘over-powering’ them and I could just let things run as is but reflecting on this week’s meetings I have recognised some of my weaknesses for example when setting company strategies there are a few options, we decide on one and later on in another meeting has changed to another as each member has their reasoning and evidence to back up how their strategy would succeed as a leader, I have failed to critically analyse the options and deciding on just one strategy and remain with the decision through out. I have realised often in real life these kind of mistakes are what pulls back a company’s performance, as a leader when I failed to provide a strong vision, target, strategy and goal for our achievements it would affect our performance greatly.


The one thing I’ve learnt this week: having a low conflict and low pressured team is a plus but being high achievers, as a leader of these high achievers it is required of me to set goals, objectives and coach my members.



  1. It is great that your team is meeting extra hours, that is awesome! I liked how you identified improvements you can make in staying on tasks in meetings but more importantly solutions in going about it. I see that you used points from the reading to analyse your position which is super! Perhaps talk about the readings more? you have infused points from one but be more specific like mention the readings and so on. It seems like you are using Daudelin's steps  (eg: problem, analysis of problem, formulation then action/solutions) which is also great (smile) 

  2. Its so good that you have analysed your strengths and weaknesses in your group and as your team leader, especially so early which is really good because you'll be able to improve and work a lot better in the later weeks so good job with that! (smile) It was really good to read how honest you were about your group, and it will help you immensely with improvements for your team and your leadership style. Maybe you could link the readings into your journal a bit more, but thats really the only improvement i would say you need!