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This weeks reading on Level 5 leadership provided me with insight into what makes a successful business leader that I wouldn't have assumed. Generally one thinks of a leader as having a larger than life personality a.k.a a real go getter, however Jim Collins' article on level 5 leadership lists some traits reserved for those people with level 5 leadership ability, those leaders who do not have these traits will only ever be level 4 leaders and although successful not to the same extent. The level 5 leadership traits are those you would find in an introverted person and include humility, modesty and resolve. Additionally a level 5 leader implements a "windows and mirrors" approach. That is, level 5 leaders look to external sources to give credit for success and look towards themselves to lay blame. Once I had read the weekly readings under Blooms taxonomy I had the new knowledge and had comprehended it before class. During our team meeting I saw the application of various level 4 and level 5 traits coming from the various leadership forces within our group. It was at this time I moved into Blooms fourth stage of learning when I analyzed the effect the various actions were having on different team members. For instance when the leader credited director of a certain business system for a good business move it built a positive team atmosphere where the leader gained respect and was allowed to flourish. Synthesis of The level 5 leadership readings will happen when I implement or respond the techniques and strategy myself and start to use level 5 leadership trait implementation strategy to flourish as a leader, or respond well to a leader.

J, Collins. 2001, Harvard Business Review. Jul/Aug2005, Vol. 83 Issue 7/8, p136-146. 10p. 3 Color Photographs, 1 Graph.


  1. Please make sure you have labelled your learning journal correctly. I have done it for you this time.

  2. You have clearly understood the readings and have applied them well in your journal this week.  To improve I would suggest expanding your understanding further by going deeper into what you thought about the topics covered and how this applied to your group.  It is pleasing to see you have started to do this at the end of your entry when you mention the leader crediting someone else for a good business move.  It would be good to see more examples of situations like this and perhaps a little more about your own opinion of the readings, as at times it can feel as if you are just summarising them.  Making your journal a bit longer could address these issues, as I don't think it would be hard to you to expand on your ideas since you have already started and done it well.

  3. Hi John,

    The thoughts given in Collin's article was very unexpected from a leader. And I too find it very fascinating and contradicting at the same time. However, your journal entry has proven that you have read and understood the reading. Keep it up! But for improvements: content - I kindly suggest to put in more of your thoughts about the reading and some more experiences. You have mentioned that you thought a leader would be a go getter, but Collin talks about a level five leader having a introverted personality. To make things more interesting, I would really much like to see you critique future readings and bring in your thoughts. Which should also be backed up with examples and experiences. Also, please work on sentence structure, some sentences were too long. For example, second sentence in the paragraph. Overall, great entry and keep it up (smile)