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Reading through this week’s reading has both been humbling and inspiring, the accounts of how so called level 5 leaders have literally rebuilt companies that are in ruins into shining fortresses. There has always been the worldview that great leaders are often the ones that are outspoken, confident, and charismatic and other qualities that make them look like the prime alpha male. Yet this reading presents the case that great successful leaders are the ones that are humble and work behind the scenes, they bring about lasting change in the company that stands even long after they have left.

For me personally, I have always felt that great leaders are the ones that take command/control of the situation, give direction, and have authority and so on. My idea of a great leader aligns closely with the mainstream world view of great leaders, yet this reading tells me otherwise that contrary to the popular worldview, successful leaders are humble and modest, they have the drive to succeed and are quite self-disciplined. This reading also brought another point that was quite interesting to me in my reflection – change. We see change as a good thing, that even the mainstream successful leaders bring about good and effective change but the reading talked about lasting change, change that would last even long after the leader has left. Honestly, I have never thought about lasting change so it was really quite amazing actually how the mainstream leaders and the level 5 leaders are different. The level 5 leaders’ impact on the organisations that they have been with are truly amazing.

This is a great lesson indeed, of humility, modesty and even faith. It was also nice for the reading to end with advice or steps to take to become a level 5 leader. I feel that everyone can become a level 5 leader because values like humility and modesty can be developed over time. My resolve would be to develop my humility and modesty. Have unwavering faith on succeeding even at times when it seems easier to just quit, this I believe would take quite a bit of effort to develop. Finally, I also found it quite interesting how the reading slightly mentioned self-reflection as a way how people evolved to level 5 leaders. I would continue to develop self-reflection from here on out.


  1. This learning journal had a good structure and flow and was similar to my own experience when processing the reading on level 5 leadership. To improve in this regard provide a reference as to who wrote the article. To improve the depth and show your knowledge consider framing your experiences within the framework of Blooms taxonomy that is: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Syntheses aka how did you do each of these things with the information provided by the reading.

  2. Hi Kawai I thought your learning journal like previously commented had a good structure which enabled it to flow very well which made it easy and enjoyable to read. I Liked how you expressed your own view and stance on the topic of leadership and then related it to the different perspective offered by the reading. I thought this was well thought and clearly conveys links to particular aspects of Blooms taxonomy such as Application.